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It begins by explaining Jesus was the 'Eternal Word' of God and continues onward describing Him as the 'true light' to all the world and the beginning of His ministry - introducing John the Baptist and His Apostles.

Chronologically speaking then, John 1:1-3 is the first verse of Scripture speaking to the Godhead and nothing more at that time.

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Q: What does the first chapter of John in the Bible talk about?
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The chapter talks about several things, actually. (Remember that the chapter and verse divisions were made after the original texts were written. Some books, such as Psalms, have per-chapter meanings -- for example, each chapter in Psalms is usually a separate psalm or song -- while others have the divisions merely for easy reference.) John 3 begins with Jesus' talk with Nicodemus, a "man of the Pharisees" who wanted to know more about what Jesus was teaching. Verses 1-21 provide the means of salvation in a nutshell. The second part of John 3 segues to John the Baptist (or Baptizer, for those who have a problem with the Baptist denomination) and his explanation of his baptism and its meaning, vs. spiritual baptism.

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