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All types of power are going to be more expensive than in the past, we shall have to get used to it.

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Should the UK develop nuclear power in the future?

We should not have nuclear power in the future because so many things can happen; for example people can get skin cancer and can cause high level radioactive waste/and it is very expensive and also nuclear power can cause small accidents. the nuclear power looks like a dick with wee coming out (that is a very true fact) i am very picc or i dont want skin cancer

What are facts Nuclear Power?

i have no fudgging ideaabout nuclear power but i would like to know

What are Nuclear Energy Power Plants?

it is a place to make things like electricity out of nuclear power.

How do you deliver nuclear power?

Once it has been generated by a nuclear power plant, nuclear power is transmitted through high voltage power lines, just like any other form of electric power.

Where are nuclear Power plants found?

nuclear power plant are found in plain areas around the world like in the USA creating nuclear energy

What does a nuclear power station look like?

Nuclear power stations have stacks that look like silos. Large plumes of steam can be seen rising from the stacks on the power plants.

Where can you find nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy is found in nuclear power plants and in stars like the sun.

How nuclear power is formed?

Heavy atoms like uranium, thorium, etc are bombardered with lighter nuclei. An enormous amount of power is released. By this way nuclear power is formed in nuclear power plants.

When is nuclear fission used?

In the operation of nuclear power plants like PWR and BWR

Is nuclear power the best for the world in the future?

No. Like fossil fuels, it has only a temporary positive effect and just creates more problems for later generations to solve.

How did the Fukushima nuclear power plant work?

like any power plant

Is nuclear power alternative?

Nuclear power is an alternative to fossil fuel power, although many people are not happy with it and would like to use different alternatives.

How much time will it take for us to fully convert to nuclear power from fossil fuel?

We will almost certainly not convert fully to nuclear power. What we will most likely have in the future is a mix of power sources, just as we have today, but with a decreased emphasis on fossil fuel. Every power source has its costs and its problems, in addition to its benefits. Like all the others, nuclear power has its problems, just like any other. We do not have a good way to manage the waste. And nuclear fuel will eventually run out. The solution is not easy, from our current point of view. There is good hope that we will be able to provide for ourselves, but a schedule cannot be produced.

How can nuclear power help the environment?

Nuclear power does not produce emissions like CO2 and sulphur dioxide that are produced when fossil fuels are burned.

Can nuclear provide power in homes?

Yes. In fact, some states (like New Jersey) have a significant amount of their power, electricity, and / or energy coming from nuclear power.

What is one advantage of nuclear power?

Nuclear power Gives almost infinite electricity. like the sun, it has nuclear fusion, and nuclear fusion is infinite power. we are not that far with technology. so we have nuclear separation. now i don't know if that's the correct English term, but separation too gives allot of cheap electricity. The advantage Of nuclear power is allot of cheap Energy.

Does the democrats like nuclear power plants?

Better ask them

What is the most powerful man made energy source on earth?

Nuclear reactions like nuclear power plants ^_~

What would it be like without uranium?

There would be no nuclear power plants.

What solutions have been found for nuclear energy?

Solutions? The most effective way to use nuclear power yet found is the PWR, with BWR a close second. These work well, but more advanced solutions will be developed in the future, like fast breeder reactors and fusion.

What are types of atomic energy?

Nuclear energy is a type of atomic energy. [1]Nuclear energy can be created by atomic Fission (like in out nuclear power plants), or atomic Fusion (like in the Sun).

Were is nuclear energy used the most and why?

Japan and the US both use large amounts of nuclear power. The reason for this is both are highly populated, industrial countries. They use a lot of power, so they need efficient energy sources like nuclear power.

How are nuclear energy used?

Saying nuclear energy is like saying Norwegian furniture. Nuclear power/energy is used everywhere, in 2009 20% of all electricity in the US was nuclear origin.

One way that nuclear power plant are like atomic bombs?


What is nuclear power station?

A Nuclear Power Station is facility for producing electricity using Nuclear Power. It uses the principle of "Nuclear Fission" of the radioactive element Like Uranium, plutonium etc by bombardment of "Neutron" on them. Nuclear fission disintegrates the nucleus of a radioactive atom in to two parts, with release of huge amount of heat energy. This energy is used to produce steam & thus power / electricity by turbine principle.