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Type your answer here... It either means your air pressure is low in tires or tire..or one of the sensors are bad

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Q: What does the horseshoe symbol with a exclamation in the middle of my 2012 dodge avenger dash board mean?
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What is the symbol of a horseshoe with an exclamation point in the center of it?

You have a tire low on air.

What does the dashboard symbol on a Prius in the shape of a horseshoe with exclamation point in the middle mean?

You have a soft tire. Check all the tires for correct air pressure.

What does the exclamation point symbol inside a horseshoe represent on a 2008 Pontiac Vibe?

I think it is the amount of air in your tires

What does the upsidedown horseshoe symbol on the dashboard with a exclamation point in it mean when it comes on the dashboard of a 2013 Chevy spark?

You have a tire low on air.

What does the exclamation point symbol inside an upside horseshoe represent on a Chevy Impala dashboard?

It's a tire pressure light. Your tire pressure is off.

What does the warning light exclamation symbol inside a horseshoe in honda pilot 2006 means?

That is not a horseshoe. It represents a tire. The light is on because one or more tires is low of air pressure. All this is listed in your owners manual.

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