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yes the larynx contain 2 types of vocal cords 1st: true vocal cords ( for ur question ) 2nd: False valse vocal cords

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The bronchi do not contain the vocal cords.

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Q: What does the larynx contain?
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What does larynx contain?

the throght

Does the larynx contain thyroid cartilage?


What contains the vocal chords?

it contain polyp and nodules

Does the larynx contain lateral cartilage ridges called false vocal cords?


Is the pharynx known as the vocal cord?

The pharynx is the space that contains the larynx, which is known as the voice box, which contain the vocal cords.

Is the larynx part of the larynx?

The larynx is part of the throat and part of the respiratory system.

What is the trapdoor of the larynx?

the trapdoor of the larynx is the epiglottis

Contains the vocal cord?


What is the larynx is also known as?

Larynx is also known as lungs. The word larynx is a medical term.

What is the larynx also known as what?

Larynx is also known as lungs. The word larynx is a medical term.

What merges at the larynx?

The nasopharynx and the oropharynx merge into the larynx

Where is Larynx and windpipe located in?

The larynx is located in your throat.