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DEO VINDICE is an ablative absolute phrase, roughly meaning "With God as our Champion." This refers to the belief of the Seperatists that their cause was favored by God and that their way of life was righteous.

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Q: What does the latin phrase on the confederate seal mean?
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What does the Latin phrase around the great seal of Maryland mean?

Industry the Means, Plenty the Result.

What does the latin phrase sigillvm militvm xpisti mean?

"Sigillum" means seal, "militum" means soldiers or army, and I believe "Xpisti" is one spelling of the Latin name of Christ. So if I am reading this right, "Sigillum Militum Xpisti" would mean "The Seal of the Army of Christ" (appropriate, since I believe the phrase was used mainly by the Knights Templar).

What does the Latin writing on the Massachusetts state seal mean?

The Seal of the Republic of Massachusetts

What does Sigillum Diaboli mean?

is latin for devil's seal

How do you translate the official seal of the city of Boston?

The seal of Boston contains the following latin phrase: "Sicut Patribus sit deus nobis" which litterally translates as "As fatherland it is god [to] us" - which I interpret to mean - "Boston, our fatherland, is sacred (or holy) to us."

What does the Latin root sign mean?

It means mark, seal, sign

What is the Latin translation for the word seal in Latin?

the word seal in the context of seal as in signniture is signum if that is of any help! emziexx

What does E plurbris unum mean?

E pluribus Unum is a Latin phrase. Translated into English it means, out of many, one. This phrase is on the seal of the United States of America.

What does novus ordo seclokum mean?

"Novus ordo seclorum" is a Latin phrase meaning "New Order of the Ages." It is found on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States and is often associated with the concept of a new beginning or the creation of a new era.

What is a brief description of the Confederate official seal?

The Confederate official seal was circular and around the perimeter was the words "Confederate States of America". The seal notes that it was created in February 1862. The outer circle also has in Latin these two words; Deo Vindice. This is translated to "God Will Vindicate" Within the next circle are leaf like symbols that indicate the agricultural nature of the Confederacy,The main inner circle is large and has a likeness of George Washington mounted on his horse. The Southerners always held the American Revolutionary War in high esteem and their hero, as with the North, was Virginian George Washington.

What language is the great seal written in?


What is the Latin name for seal?

Pagophilus groenlandics