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I'm a disability carer also responsible for administering medication so come across abbreviations quite often.

The abbreviation you have means Take 1 via mouth 4 times a day, as required. po is mouth or oral, qid is 4 times a day and PRN is a term that used for medcation that is only to be taken as required. Im not sure what your medication is for, but It would mean if feel you need your medication because your illness is worsening or bothering you etc, you are to take 1 tablet, via mouth, 4 times a day until you no longer need it.

Hope this helps :)

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p.o.~ By mouth

tid~ three times a day

prn~ as needed

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i gtt ou qhs x 7 days

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2 a day

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Q: What does the medical abbreviation take one po QID PRN mean?
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What does medical abbreviation HS PRN-MR x 1 mean?

its an medic

What does the medical abbreviation bid prn nocte mean?

For medications, bid: Take twice a day PRN: as needed So this would mean to take the medication twice a day, as needed.

What is the medical term meaning as needed?

prn is the medical abbreviation meaning when required or requested.Pro re nata which is commonly seen or heard as prn. Pro re nata is Latin and literally means, for the thing born.PRN is the medical abbreviation for as necessary.

What does PRN do to the patient?

PRN does not do anything to a patient. It is a medical abbreviation that means "as needed". A medication or treatment ordered as PRN means to give it as needed.

What does the medical abbreviation Two puffs q6 prn mean?

Two inhalations every 6 (hours) or as needed.

What does the medical abbreviation Rx mean?

Rx means prescription in a medical context.It is usually a prefix in a prescription e.g.Rx Paracetemol 1g tabs PRN PO max 4g QDSand it can be considered shorthand for the latin word recipie, or a direction to "take".Medical prescription.

What does Maalox liquid 12 oz Sig 15ml-30ml PC prn hyperacidity mean?

It's a medical abbreviation for: dispense 12 ounces, take 15-30 ml. after meals as needed for heartburn.

What does the medical abbreviation pen mean?

Do you mean PRN? This means pro re nata, or as required. On a lab report, pen stands for pending -- it means that test result is not yet available.

What does PRN BTP stand for on your prescription?

PRN is an abbreviation that means "as needed" in medical terminology BTP is an abbreviation for "breakthrough pain", which indicates pain that exceeds the level being controlled by other medication. This may be due to increased bodily tolerance for medication. The combination may be printed as "Take as needed for increased pain", or "severe pain".

What is the abbreviation for as needed or whenever necessary?


What is the medical term of 2puffs prn?

The medical term of 2 puffs prn means 2 puffs as needed. Prn stands for pro re nata, which is Latin.

What is the literal translation for PRN?

That is an abbreviation for Pro re nata, Latin for"in the circumstances." In prescriptions for medicine, it is used to mean "as needed."