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I'm a disability carer also responsible for administering medication so come across abbreviations quite often.

The abbreviation you have means Take 1 via mouth 4 times a day, as required. po is mouth or oral, qid is 4 times a day and PRN is a term that used for medcation that is only to be taken as required. Im not sure what your medication is for, but It would mean if feel you need your medication because your illness is worsening or bothering you etc, you are to take 1 tablet, via mouth, 4 times a day until you no longer need it.

Hope this helps :)

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p.o.~ By mouth

tid~ three times a day

prn~ as needed

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i gtt ou qhs x 7 days

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2 a day

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Q: What does the medical abbreviation take one po QID PRN mean?
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