What does the name Gou mean in Japanese?

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It means strong or tough.
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What does the name 'Sesshomaru' mean in Japanese?

The name Sesshomaru/Sesshoumaru means 'killing perfection'/'perfect killer' in Japanese. Sesshou means to take life away. Maru means perfect/perfection. His name is prett

What does the name Carlie mean in Japanese?

Carlie: definition- The name has many definitions but an appropriate and modern-day definition is the greek form that would be manlike. It comes from the Greek, as "free man."

What is the Japanese name with the meaning black?

black is kuro the only name i can think of off the top of my head is kuroda another one that I can think of is くろさぎ or Kurosagi... which means the black

What does the name 'Naraku' mean in Japanese?

Well, I've heard it translated as "Hell", but the word for Hell is "Jigoku". I'm sure of that. However, I believe it means something similar, such as "evil" or something quite
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What does the name hanzo mean in Japanese?

Hanzo ( 半蔵 ; also written as Hanzō and Hanzou ) is a name of Japanese origin, and thus does not have a 'meaning' in Japanese. The separate Kanji that compo
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What does the name 'Kagome' mean in Japanese?

Names have mostly various writings (kanji) in Japanese, on which their assumed meaning is dependant. If you mean Kagome from Inuyasha anime, her name is not written in kanji s
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What does the Japanese name Zutara mean?

Zutara is a combination of Zuko + Katara. Zuko means "Failure" or "Loved One" in Chinese and Korean. In Nguni (An African language), Zuko means "harmony", "someone with a good
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What does the old french word gou mean?

There is no such word in old French in Le Grand Robert dictionary. Please provide more context.