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What does the name Levi mean?


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February 05, 2013 11:44AM

The meaning of the name Levi means Attached or pledged. Derived from Hebrew.
The name Levi is Hebrew and means joined or united.
the word Levi is actually a Hebrew word and not at all a Greek word. the meaning of the word Levi, it means united or joined. The priests of Isarael were called Levi.
Levi is both a personal name and the name of the tribe which descended from that person. The third son of Jacob (in Genesis ch.29) was named Levi, meaning "to accompany," because his mother (Leah) hoped that her husband Jacob would from now on be closer to her because of the increasing number of sons which she was having (ibid). The descendants of Levi are the tribe of Levi; the Levites.