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It simply means lion, in the Swahili language of Africa.


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The Lion King (Simba) mom's name is Sarabi.

if you mean simba with siba, then the answer is Nala.

Cub Simba, if you mean the baby in the movie.

Mufasa in the begging and Simba in the end

Simba. If not, then, you are referring to Nala.

Simba means "lion" in Swahili.

The lion characters are: The Lion King I: Simba, Mufasa, Sarabi, Sarafina, Nala, and Scar. The Lion King II: Kiara, Nala, Simba, Zira, Vitani and Nuka.

mufasa, simbas dad who dies then simba becomes king

The name of the bird who watches over Simba is Zazu.

In the Lion King, the main hero's name is Simba. The story follows the journey of how Simba becomes the king of his tribe after Simba's father is killed by his uncle Scar. Simba runs away from the pride and learns what it takes to become a true king and returns to avenge his father's death.

Kiara. Simba & Nala are BOTH alive in this movie. Actually, Kiara was the daughter of Simba and Nala. Also, in the Lion King 2, Simba and Nala are more then just "boyfriend and girlfriend," and it is implied that they are married, as Simba is king, and Nala is his queen.

The male cub is Simba, the female is Nala.

lil lion simba, big yellow one is mufasa and black one is scar

In the muscial "Lion King" is about a little lion who is the son of the lion king Mufasa. His name is Simba. Mufasa teaches him the circle of life. Simban shall be the successor of Mufasa as the next lion king. Mufasas younger brother Scar is jealous because he wants to be the next king. Scar kills Mufasa and convinces Simba to believe that Simba is responsible for the death of his father. Mufasa recommends Simba to run away and never come back so he can be the new King.

simba ! i meen evry one knows that!


There's two (until they grow up): Boy: Simba Girl: Nala

The Swahili word for lion is "simba".

Charmin, Carmel, King, Riley, Simba, Nala, Ginger, or Queen

A lions name is simba lose.your stupid and dumb didn't you watch Lion King BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

In the movie The Lion King II, Simba has a daughter named Kiara. (Key-are-ah)

no, really dont think he does... goo d question though. =]

Swahili for Lioness or Lion is "Simba" whih is also the name of the Lion from The Lion King (best Disney movie ever) XD oh and that's my name too :P

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