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What does the name Slater mean?

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Slater is an Old English surname meaning someone who covered roofs with slate.
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What is the birth name of Slater Young?

Slater Young's birth name is Jan Slater Young.

What is Stacey Slater latefather name?

Brian Slater.

What is the scientific name for a slater?

The biological name for a common slater is: Porcellio scaber Latreille

What is the birth name of Bret Slater?

Bret Slater's birth name is Breton Slater.

What is the birth name of Bill Slater?

Bill Slater's birth name is William E. Slater.

What is the birth name of Britt Slater?

Britt Slater's birth name is Brittany Kathleen Slater.

What is the birth name of Callison Slater?

Callison Slater's birth name is Callison Temple Slater.

What is the birth name of Daphne Slater?

Daphne Slater's birth name is Daphne Helen Slater.

What is the birth name of Dick Slater?

Dick Slater's birth name is Richard Van Slater.

What is the birth name of Douglas Slater?

Douglas Slater's birth name is Slater, Douglas William.

What is the birth name of Jackie Slater?

Jackie Slater's birth name is Jackie Ray Slater.

Christian Slater have a sister named Helen slater?

Christian Slater is not related to Helen Slater. That isn't even her real name; she was born: Helen Rachel Schlacter but uses the stage name Slater. Christian Slater's only sibling is a younger (half) brother: Ryan Slater. Their mother is Mary Jo Slater.

Did Samuel Slater have a wife?

Samuel Slater did have a wife. Her name was Hannah.

What is the birth name of Christian Slater?

Christian Slater's birth name is Christian Michael Leonard Slater.

What is the birth name of Shelby Slater?

Shelby Slater's birth name is Jamie Lynn Shelby Slater.

In Eastenders what is Stacy's name?

Stacey Slater :)

What is the definition for Samuel Slater?

a person name

What is the name of Stacey slater?

Lacey Turner

Is wwe nxt wrestler heath slater related to dick slater?

No he is not. Heath Slaters real last name is Miller

What was Michelle ryans name in eastenders?

Zoe Slater

Who are all the Slaters in EastEnders?

Parents Father - Charlie Slater Mother - Viv Slater Daughters Kat - Kathleen Slater Little mo - Moreen Slater Lynn - Linda Slater Belinda Slater Parents Mother - Jean Slater Father - unknown Slater Children Son - Sean Slater Daughter - tacey Slater Parents Mother - Kat Slater Father - Harry Slater Children Daughter - Zoe Slater Parent Mother - Stacey Slater Father - Ryan Malloy Children Lilly Slater

What is Kat's maiden name on Eastenders?

Kat's maiden name on Eastenders is Slater.

Who was Samuel slater's mother?

Samuel Slater's father was William Slater and his mother's name was Elizabeth. Samuel was married twice. His first wife was Hannah Wilkinson Slater and his second wife was Esther Slater.

Did Samuel Slater invent the Slater House?

Samuel Slater was not the one to invent the Slater house

What is Sean slater in eastenders real name?

Robert Kazinsky