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What does the numbers on a Chevrolet serial number represent?

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Are you talking about the big number visible when looking down on the dashboard on the driver's side from outside the car? That is what is called the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN Encoded in that alphanumeric string is the location the car was assembled, where the engine was manufactured, the date of manufacture, the body style and color scheme, and a few other pieces of information.

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What year was a browning hi power made with serial number 73C75647?

1973. The first two numbers represent the year of manufacture.

Where do I find the vin number on 1948 Chevy?

1948 Chevrolet passenger vehicle serial numbers are on a plate on the right front door hinge pillar.

Where are the serial numbers on old rifels?

Depending on the year of manufacture, there will be no serial number. Serial numbers are a relatively new requirement.

The rifle you have no serial number?

Serial numbers were not required before 1968

What is the A or B in serial number represent?

Generally, it means nothing.

What is a rsn number?

It can stand for record serial number which were serial numbers placed on vinyl records.

What do the Last two numbers in the serial number signify?

Nothing, just part of the serial number.

How many numbers r in a suzuki lt80 serial number?

There are 17 letters and numbers in the serial to the Suzuki LT80, it is considered a VIN number.

How old is serial number75hp mercury ob 9655687?

A 75 hp Mercury outboard, serial number OB9655687, I can not find on the serial number chart. One thing I see, is a seven digit serial number, with a OB prefix. The seven digit serial numbers, ( prior to 1985 ), had no prefix. Serial numbers with the prefix, ( OA,OB,OC, ect. ), have six digit serial numbers. Could there be an error in the serial number posted?

Do serial numbers on Xbox controller match those on Xbox?

no because serial numbers all have a unique number

How many numbers are in a shotgun's serial number?

That depends on the manufacturer. Different brands can have different lengths of serial numbers.

What year was a colt commander serial number CJ14533 made?

Colts serial number database lists only the Combat Commander, and they have no serial numbers that begin with "CJ", though for a number of years the Combat Commander had serial numbers that began with "CL"

How many serial numbers are on a handgun?

No set number of numbers and letter..

Should a Louis vuitton messenger bag have a serial number?

If it is a newer edition it will have a serial number. 2011 and prior do not have the serial numbers.

How do you find your cell phone serial number?

you press the numbers/keys: *#06# then the serial number will come out

If i gave serial numbers can you tell? has Colt serial number data.

Where to find serial number Model 1886? has Winchester serial numbers.

Where can you find serial numbers for colt 1851 36 navy?

what is the serial number ????

Serial number g107 what year?

Impossible to answer. Serial numbers are not unique to only one firearm, and there is no single database of ALL firearm serial numbers.

Where to look up Serial numbers of guns?

Get the serial number Get a book on the comapany that has Serial Number data or a book that has serial number data, i.e., Blue Book of Gun Values.

Where do you find ping serial numbers?

the ping serial number is found on the hozzel of the club. The serial number can be verified by contacting ping direct.

What is the age of a Colt Detective Special Serial S360?

Your serial number doesn't have enough numbers. The starting serial number in 1978 was S01001.

Where is the serial number on a marlin model 55 hunter?

No serial number as the Hunter was made up to 1964 and serial numbers began in 1968

How do you find app serial numbers on an itouch?

Each individual App does not have a serial number. The iPod Touch itself has a serial number, but not the app.

What year was Winchester 94 serial number 1343898 made?

1943 to 1947 This serial number falls into the years that no serial numbers were available.