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3rd Army - commanded by Gen George Patton.

Patch is a BLUE circle with a RED border and a WHITE "A". 6th Army was a GREEN circle with a WHITE 6-pointed Star with RED Trim and a RED "A" in the center of the star. The A is very prominant. Anti-Aircraft Command was a WHITE circle with BLUE trim and two(2) RED "A" in the center. Allied Forces HQwas a circle with "AF" in the center.

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How did harry patch get through the world war?

He lived!

What aniaml symbolize the Russians in world war 1?

The Brown Bear.

What did rosie the riveter symbolize in world war two?

Women in the workplace

Do you need a certain patch to install patches for cod world at war?


How many stars are on the world war 2 memorial?

4,000 gold stars are on the wall because they symbolize the world war 2.

What did the japanese flag symbolize in World War 2?

Rising sun= rising empire

What does milk symbolize in the film Inglorious Basterds?

He was on a farm during a world war and there was no pepsi.

What did rosie the riveter come to symbolize during World War 2?

Women in the work place

What did heart with wings symbolize in World War 2?

The heart with wings had a great meaning in world war 2. It was awarded to those who completed their aerial navigation course.

What does Uncle Sam symbolize?

uncle sam symbolize helping out in the war

Who was Harry Patch and why isn't he listed among the last surviving vets of World War 1?

Harry Patch was, until recently, the oldest surviving veteran of World War I in Britain. He died very recently so he would no longer be listed as a surviving vet.

What was the importance of the New York's World's Fair?

the importance of the New york's World Fair was to symbolize world unity during the war.

What is the value of an authentic World War 2 Swastika patch?

depends on what it is i would need to see a pic

How old was Harry Patch when he joined world war 1?

he was 18. he celebrated his 19th birthday in the trenches

Who came to symbolize women who took nontraditional jobs in World War 2 defense plants?

Rosie the Riveter.

What do the wreaths symbolize at the world war 2 monument?

They mean that one is for agriculture and the other one is for the industrial materials that the state contributed to the war that in someway helped the victory of the war.

What World War 2 patch has a knife with wings?

SAS Special Air Service if your referring to British knives.

What does the background of red on the flag of Vietnam symbolize?

war war

When was Black Patch War - album - created?

Black Patch War - album - was created on 2008-05-20.

Who created duck tape?

some guy from world war 2 so that they could patch up their fighter jets.

What was the symbol for America during World War 1?

A white star inside a blue circle

What is a world war 2 lapel pin with wings and a propeller going through the middle symbolize?

Symbolized the Army Air Corps;

What does each gold star on the World War 2 memorial symbolize?

every star symbolizes 100 soldiers who died in ww2

Are there any World War 1 soldiers living today?

no. the last trench soldier was harry patch. died at the age of 111

Are there any people alive today who fought in ww1?

no, the last hero of world war one died in 2009, Harry Patch

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