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That question is too specific- there are many types of pianos out there, old-school, electronic, standard. Depending on what you are looking for, Google Images is your friend.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-05 22:25:17
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Q: What does the piano look like?
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What does an electric piano look like?

um...look up electric piano on google...

What do a keyboard and piano have in common?

A piano has a keyboard. But is doesn't look like the keyboard on your computer.

What does the standard piano look like?

A standard piano has around 88 black and white keys.

Instruments that look like a piano?

keyboard, organ, pipe organ, hurdy gurdy, clavichord, harpsichord, hydraulis (earliest piano like instrument)

What is the origins of a piano?

The answer to this question is simple it is between a piano and a organ they look a lot a like but the piano is much different it sounds different and it has a different tone too!

What do notes on the piano look like?

Small papery things with writing on them.

What did the first piano look like?

it looked like a table with keys in it that all sounded different and they were not in order.

What is the proper adjective for Piano?

Piano-like or like a piano. It's hard to have an adjective like this for some reason.

What does the frame do in a piano?

It holds everything together and makes it look good like a picture frame

How do you play Adele's someone like you on the piano?

Look at the link under 'Related links' below this answer.

When you play the piano what vibrates in the piano?

Believe it or not, the Piano is a Percussion instrument, like the drums. This is because the Piano works by tiny hammers hitting strings when you press down on the keys. If you open a piano and look into it whilst you play, you can see the hammers hitting the strings, and causing them to vibrate; giving off the note.

What does a B on piano notes look like?

B is the white note to the right of the three black keys.

Is there a Spray to unstuck the keys on a piano?

Get a piano tuner to look at it. Or else see if there is anything stuck in the piano that shouldn't be there

How do you know when to change hand positions in piano?

you just have to look at the piano notes

How are the electric piano and the normal piano alike?

They both sound like a piano.

Where can I get piano sheet music to the song the beginning sung by Alice peacock?

you can download a paper with chords written out off her website but they look more like guitar then piano chords to me

What string instruments looks and plays like a piano but it is not a piano?

An instrument that looks and plays like a piano could be a harpsichord. The pipe organ has keys like a piano, but many more keyboards and the harp has the most similar tone to a piano.

What does a player piano look like?

My grandmother's player piano looks like an upright piano, except it has big pedals underneath which allow you to pump the machine to make sound. It also has panels that open on the front, which is where you place the piano roll. There are various switches on the front below the keys to control the speed at which the music is played, the volume, etc.

The when i look at you by Miley Cyrus on piano?

If your asking if Miley Cyrus plays the piano in the song "When I look at you " the answer is yes. She does play the piano in the song. Also when she performed on American idol this year if you saw she sung that song and played the piano in the beginning.

How do you describe what a piano sounds like?

By playing a piano.

Where is g sharp on the piano?

Look on this picture

What does a forte look like in music terms?

Forte on a piece of music will appear under the staff line and look like this:f - forteThere are variations on this, you can have double and triple forte markings:ff - fortissimofff - fortississimoThe same goes for pianop - pianopp - pianissimoppp - pianississimo

How do you say i like the piano in spanish?

Me gusta el piano.

How did the piano impact society?

A lot of people like piano.

What string instrument looks and plays like a piano?

a piano.