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In the 16th century Europeans became less God fearing and more rational and scientific in their outlook. It put an end to the superstitious medieval mind-set

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Q: What does the power of the medieval mind was forever broken during the sixteenth century mean?
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What did a century of dishonor expose?

"A Century of Dishonor" exposed the injustices and mistreatment that Native Americans experienced at the hands of the United States government. The book detailed broken promises, forced removals, and the violation of treaties, highlighting the systemic injustice and disregard for Native American rights throughout the 19th century.

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The first primary schools were opened by the Byzantine Empire in 425 AD, and the system was maintained until 1453. The earliest universities were medieval, and the system we use for university education is still based to some degree on medieval universities. The bachelor's, master's, and doctor's degrees are all medieval. The oldest 70 or so schools and 60 or so universities were all founded in the Middle Ages. The early universities tended to teach science and philosophy very dogmatically based on ancient texts. This tendency was broken by the Church through a series of actions called the Condemnations of 1210-1277. These freed scholars and scientists from the enforcement of traditional texts and allowed them to deal with science through empirical observation. The oldest state run schools are medieval. The Middle Ages introduced the first business oriented schools, called abacus schools. I think the first coeducational schools were medieval, as the Byzantine primary schools were coeducational, as were a number of the abacus schools. Please see the related links below for more education.

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Which 19th century book described the us governments broken promises and unfair treatment of the native americans?

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