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The yellow radiator light on your Honda Accord is an indicator of low coolant in the radiator. The red radiator warning light is an indication of the engine overheating.

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Q: What does the radiator light on mean in a Honda Accord 95?
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What does the wrench light mean in 2007 Honda accord?

Oil change

What does the yellow exclamation point light mean on a Honda Accord?

The yellow exclamation point light on a Honda Accord is designed for the Vehicle Stability Assist system. It comes on when the vehicle is trying to maintain stability or when a tire is low.

What is the function of automatic gear d4 d3 2 and 1 in Honda Accord?


What does the engine warning light mean on a Honda Accord?

That you need to have it serviced immediately!

What does the exclamation light on a 2008 Honda Accord mean?

Low tire pressure.

What does the engine symbol on a Honda accord dashboard mean?

That would be the check engine light.

If the brake lamp light is on a 98 Honda Accord what does that mean?

On a 1994 Honda Accord, the brake lamp comes on when a tail light is no longer working. The burned-out bulb needs to be replaced. The brake lamp will not come on after the bulb is replaced.

What does a wrench light mean on Honda Accord?

The wrench light in a Honda Accord means that the vehicle needs maintenance soon. It usually means that you are over your recommended mileage interval for service and that it is time for an oil change and other similar maintenance procedures.

What does an exclamation light mean on Honda accord?

It means you have turned the traction control off. Turn it back on and the light will go out.

What does it mean when the maintenance light of a 1993 Honda Accord?

It means you need to change the oil/filter.

What does a green F mean on the dash of a 1991 Honda Accord?

It is a green S that appears on the dash of a 1991 Honda Accord, not a green F. The S is an indicator light that means there is an electrical problem with the car.

What does the maintenance required light mean on a 1994 Honda Accord?

Get your oil changed, and have the service reminder reset.

What does the check engine light mean on a 2000 Honda Accord?

Computer has detected a problem with the emission's system.

What does it mean if the D4 transmission light is flashing on a Honda Accord and wont start?

transmission trouble for sure

What does the check engine light mean on a Honda Accord Hybrid 2007?

It means that there is a failure in the vehicle that will affect emissions.

What does it mean when th maintenance require goes on your 2000 Honda Accord?

Where does freon goes in a 2003 Honda accord

What does service code b124 mean on a 2006 Honda Accord?

The service code b124 on a 2006 Honda Accord means that you have turned off the vehicle stability assist system. If it comes on with the VSA indicator light it suggests that there is a problem with the system.

S light is blinking on 1992 Honda accord what does this mean?

Does it blink all the time or only when "sport" schedule is selected?

What does the wrench warning light on a Honda Accord mean?

Does it means the oil needs to be cha

What does a wrench light mean on 2012 Honda Accord?

It means there is scheduled maintenance required. Your owners manual will tell you what is needed.

What does the solid red light for your alarm system mean in a 94 Honda Accord?

if the red light is on your system is probaly not active right now and is turned off.

What does the yellow maintenance required light mean in a 1996 Honda Accord LX?

means u need to take it to Honda dealer, many things can be wrong nothing specific

What does it mean when the maintenance light button turns on in a 2002 Honda Accord?

Usually it is pre programmed for oil changes and routine maintenance.

Your check engine light came on in your 92 Honda accord ex what does that usually mean?

Usually means there is a problem that is emission related.

What does it mean when the maitience required light has gone from green to yellow to red on a 97 Honda accord is it major?

Needs service NOW