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What does the rear light warning light look like?


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2006-05-16 03:12:45
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It looks like a little red car with little lines sticking out from it to resemble light rays.


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That warning light means a light bulb is out. Check all of your brake lights (including the brake light on the rear dash!)

on the dashboard of my 2005 325i BMW there is a warning light that is not shown in my manual. the entire car is light up, and at the back left rear there is a red lamp light. To above statement: A light is out and needs to be replaced.

how can i reset rear brake pad warning light on 2006 bmw 525i

You probably need new rear disc bearings. Once you install the new bearings, the warning light should turn off.

it means a brake-lamp bulb has burned out

You might be out of brake fluid. Our rear wheel cylinder was leaking and ran ours out of fluid and the light came on.

They look exactly like the rear brakes from a 1969 F250

yes, but the brake light configuration will be different. 70 look like "l l l l" 71 look like "= =" 72 look like "=="

In order to replace the rear window tail light you need to get into the truck. Once inside the trunk look to the top of the trunk and look at where the screws are for the rear tail light. Unscrew them and the entire housing for the light will pop off.

The air suspension warning light will be displayed on the dash if you have flipped the switch on the passenger side of the trunk to "off." Look opposite of where your fuel filler door's manual opener is and flip the switch to on (it is not labeled on, only a blank space on the top of the switch and "off" on the bottom). I believe the question is to turn off the warning light, and not where the breaker switch is. If the warning light for the suspension is on, that means that something is wrong with the system. Have it checked before you find the rear end of the car on the ground.

This is the Bulb Warning Light; Meaning the vehicle has a faulty bulb, on the exterior or of the vehicle. Check all of the lights (with ignition on); Front + Rear side lights Front Headlights Front high beam Front +Rear Fog Lights Front + Rear Indicators Rear Stop lights (including high level/ centre stop) Number plate lights And, Reverse lights. Replace the necessary bulbs, recheck all lights, and the light should disappear.

hi its to do with your airbag sensor usually found at the front bumper looks like a small black box with wires at rear hope this helps

ANSWER: The light socket is bad. They eventually will burn up if you keep replacing the bulbs like you are doing now. Go get the revised light socket from the dealership and you will be good. I have checked all bulbs and wiring in the rear, but the light keeps coming on rear lamp failure, is it a bad ground? if, so where will I look for it.

If in the cluster, it is the warning of a failure in the theft alarm / sentry key system.If on the rear, outside. It is a turn signal.If in the cluster, it is the warning of a failure in the theft alarm / sentry key system.If on the rear, outside. It is a turn signal.

It is important to know what it means when a warning light comes on. If the ABS light comes on, it means that there is a problem with the brake system within the car.

Car rear view mirrors carry a warning message that states objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear because this is true. When looking into a rear view mirror, distance is added to the rear view. The warning is there for protective measures.

Not too sure mate but it could have something to do with your break line just check if their bleed proberly. Its the brake warning light, it is activated when their is a difference in pressure between front and rear brakes. The switch is located under the brake master cylinder. Sometimes the switch just needs screwing out and putting back in. Of course check fluid levels and obvious faults and leaks the light looks like this (i) its an electrical problem i think the light is red

The fog light switch on my peugeot 106 is next too the hazard warning switch and the rear window heater switch below the stereo.

If you are referring to the warning light on your instrumentation panel, then you simply need to check all your brake lights, do not forget the center one at the rear glass.

I think it means your engine is overheating it means you have a rear light out

If its like the 08. then its the cover of the rear brake light hitting the window.

No, the license plate light is wired in with the rear tail lights, not the brake lights.

its like changing a light bulb and depends on the car model 2007 volkswagen beetle

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