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Why would it do somthing in fire red? the red chain is from the ds game Pokemon fire red is a gba

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You can't get the red chain in Pokemon diamond and you don't even need it.

Pokemon Fire Red only has the three legendary birds

You cnnot catch it in Pokemon fire red ,but you can catch it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.If you want it to be in your fire red,you will have to migrate it from your Diamond/pearl to your fire red.

the best Pokemon in fire red is lugiaAnswerthe best Pokemon in fire red is lugia

You can't catch it on Pokemon Fire Red. You have to trade it from Leaf Green.

Tangela does not evolve in Fire Red.

No only Fire Red and Leaf Green and trade it from Pokemon fire red and leaf green

if u what to beat the game u have to go to red chain and catch a lgendary Pokemon

There is no hotel in Pokemon fire red

u have to go to the home menu and select merge and you can only take Pokemon from fire red but not give Pokemon to fire red

The same Pokemon as you, as you are Red in Fire Red. Your rival is Blue/Gary.

The only fire Pokemon in the Sinnoh region are the Chimchar-Monferno-Infernape evolution chain or the Ponyta-Rapidash evolution chain. However, once you beat the Pokemon League you can get an Eevee and evolve it to Flareon.

Trade it from Pokemon Fire red

The game is a Fire Red hack, so Pokemon Fire Red codes will work.

The same Pokemon in fire red, except for a couple.

Pokemon blazing red a remake of fire red and has been CONFIRMED

omanyte evolves into omastar at lv:40 Pokemon fire red omanyte evolves into omastar at lv:40 Pokemon fire red

You download it on Fire red.


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