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You Cant get the red chain

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What does the red chain do in Pokemon Pearl?

it holds dialga still so team galactic could have dialga's power

What does the red chain do in Pokemon fire red?

Why would it do somthing in fire red? the red chain is from the ds game Pokemon fire red is a gba

How do you get the red chain in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get the red chain in Pokemon diamond and you don't even need it.

In Pokemon pearl what happens after the red haired kid takes the stone?

you leave the cave, then go to her house in hearthome (north)

Can you trade pokemon from fire red to Pokemon Pearl?

You cannot "trade" pokemon between Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon Pearl. Instead, pokemon from Pokemon FireRed Version can be transferred to Pokemon Pearl via Pal Park.

What does the red chain in Pokemon diamond do?

It opens space/time (diamond or pearl) and brings dialga or palkia forth under the command of the Team Galactic boss. It was made from some part of the three lake pokemon. The Red Chain ends up breaking and dialga/ palkia gets out of control.

Where can you find carizard on Pokemon Pearl?

well you to get for Pokemon fire red.

Where is celadon mansion in Pokemon Pearl?

Its not in Pokemon pearl the celadon mansion is in firered, leafgreen and red, blue and yellow.

Can you trade a Charizard in Pokemon firred into Pokemon Pearl?

No. Fire red is a GBA game and Pearl is a DS game.

Can you get ebve on Pokemon Pearl?

If your talking about EEVEE , No you cant ,You can only get it in Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red ,Then you can Migrate it into Pokemon Pearl ( Or Diamond )

How do you get the legendary birds in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you have to take it from Pokemon fire red or leaf green...they are not actually in the storyline for Pokemon diamond and pearl

Where is the red garados in Pokemon Pearl?

a red gyrandos is a shiny Pokemon and it lives with other gyrandos-in water

Where is the red orb on Pokemon Diamond?

Groudon and the red orb is not obatainable in pokemon diamond pearl or platinum

What do you need Red Chain for?

if u what to beat the game u have to go to red chain and catch a lgendary Pokemon

Where do you find a Ditto on Pokemon Pearl?

you can't catch a ditto on Pokemon pearl or dimond but you can migrate from fire red or emerald

Where can you find red in Pokemon pearl?

Trainer Red is not in D/P/Pt.

How do you get a Pokémon from Pokémon Pearl to Pokémon Fire R ed?

this is not possible you can only get Pokemon from fire red to pearl. You can only get Pokemon to pearl from another pearl version or diamond version.

Where is Red Scale in Pokemon Pearl?

The Red Scale item is not obtainable in Pokemon Pearl. This is because there is no event in which to obtain the Red Scale. Additionally, since the Red Scale is a Key Item, it cannot be held by a pokemon, an thus it is unable to be traded from HeartGold or SoulSilver, where it is obtainable.

How do you get the red chain in pearl?

You can't only Cyrus can get it and he uses it to summon palkia

Where is the red garidous on Pokemon pearl?

there is no red GYARADOS that you can catch, dont make assumptions. the only way to get a shiny red gyarados is to find a random one and hope that the 1/8192 chance happens

Pokemon pearl how do you get the TM fissure?

You cannot get the TM Fissure in Pokemon Pearl. Fissure hasn't been a TM move since Pokemon Red and Blue.

How do you get an charmelion in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to migrate it or a charmander from Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green.

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