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Short answer: blood Longer answer: The flags of communist states all have red backgrounds, copied from the Soviet flag. This background honors the red flag of the Paris Communards of 1871. This in turn is based on the red flag used by the Jacobins during the French Revolution in the 1790s. Vietnam's pre-communist flag had a yellow background and either a red stripe or three red stripes. So red and yellow are traditional Vietnamese national colors.

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The nationalist South Vietnamese flag is yellow with three red striped going horizontally through the middle, from one side of the flag to the other. The communist North Vietnamese flag is red with a yellow star in the middle.

The colors of the Vietnamese flag are a red background with a five-point yellow star in the center.

Vietnam flag- Red background, Yellow 5 pointed star in the middle

Vietnam has two national anthems due to the both different types Vietnamese flags. One Vietnamese flag is yellow with the 3 red stripes on it and the other Vietnamese flag is red with a yellow star in the middle. The name of the former Vietnamese national anthem is Tiếng gọi công dân and the other Vietnamese national anthem is Tiến quân ca.

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During the Viet War the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) flag was solid red with a yellow star centered on it; NVA tanks had yellow stars on their turrets. The North Vietnamese Air Force MiGs had yellow stars on them with red backgrounds. The VC flag (no nation) was blue & red with a yellow star centered on it.

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The three horizontal stripes on the South Vietnamese flag represent the three regions of Vietnam: Bac(Northern), Trung(Central), and Nam(Southern).

Thành Thái who was born on March 14, 1879 made the very first Vietnamese yellow flag with the 3 red stripes in 1890. The Vietnamese yellow flag with the 3 red stripes was made and designed by Emperor Thành Thái and was revived by Emperor Báo Dai in 1948. The flag started to exist in Vietnam from the year 1954 to the year 1975 and still exists after the Vietnam war.

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