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albrocker from Roblox was [x]

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Q: What does the red line on an indian's head mean?
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What does a red line on your forehead mean?

You could have a red line on your forehead if you slept in the same position for a while and there was pressure from something on your head. It could also mean an infection if there is also a cut or scrape on the forehead.

What do you use to put a red dot on Indians head?

Red dot over the fore head signifies the third eye (knowledge).Symbolic of mental vision.

What does TestaRossa mean?

"Red Head"

Was the red Indians were Indians?

No Red Indians are not Indians

Is the red dot on Indians forehead permanent?

If you mean the sindoor on women's foreheads, no they are not. It is a washable, red powder.

What does a red wavy line mean in typing?

When a word is underlined by a red wavy line, it signifies that that word is misspelled.

How do you get a red head?

well if you mean "how do you get red hair" then the answer is you either dye or if you are scottish or irish, then your hair is already red. if you mean how do u get a red head to date you, then how about you start thinking that red heads are no different then others and red hair doesn't affect their personality.

What does the road sign with the word rock on it mean it has a thick red circle around the word rock and a think red line through the word rock?

what a sign mean that has a red circle with rock in it and a red line through it

Who is the red head for the McDonald's commercial?

Do you mean Ronald McDonald??? : )

What Does Red Line Mean In Horse Breed Lines?

what does breed mean what does breed mean jasmine

What if a red line is moving across your arm?

If there is a red line moving across your arm, it might mean you were bitten by something and it gave you an infection. The red line is your tendon swelling. See a doctor immediatley

Who are the line dancers in lily allens music video not fair?

The red head is Katie Rustowicz