What does the saying 'give love get love' mean?


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it means if you are in love with someone then show them you love them. and in return you will receive there love back.

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That is a saying. If you give love to someone, you are sure to get love back.

well... This saying is that if you give someone love and worshîp them you can either get love by having sex or sleeping with them

Way to be sentimental. I love you.

Saying you love your ex does not mean you are in love with him.

The girl broke his heart and now he's saying he won't give his love to her, but he'll give his love to someone who really loves him :) and sometimes its a girl singing too:D

its mean that if you give love to someone else they will give love back to you.

it's saying "are you in love".

It means that there is no score so saying 15-love you would be saying the score is 15 to nothing

Give him a note or do things to show him that you love him and I'm not talking about sex but do things to let him know that you love him.

The heart, resembling love, and the arrow is Cupid's arrow. By sending it to someone you are saying you love that person. Cupid is an angel who, when fires his arrow at you, makes you fall in love. The drawing means you are saying you have been hit by Cupid's arrow and you have fallen in love with that person.

Forever and love are the same thing....He's just saying keep your love for the one........

give love to get love means that u gotta show love to your partner in order to get love back

'I love you' and 'I'm in love with you' are two different meanings. Saying you love someone could mean as a friend or family, but saying you're in love with someone means exactly that, that you are in love with them that defeats love friend and family-wise. If he has said to you that he loves you but he is in love with someone else, then sorry, but he's saying he only wants you as a friend, and he has found his love in someone else. If you like him then I'm sorry :)

It can depend. Sometimes they are saying, "Give me more attention and love!" Sometimes they are saying, "Let me out I need to use the bathroom!" and maybe saying that they are hungry or thirsty.

It means "I love 'you' too" like saying 'I love her, but I love you too'.

that mean he..........want to stay with u and have kids and married

A man or boy is saying "I am so much in love" or "I am very in love"

Look if he doesn't love u may be u should give up and move on. But he might just b saying that he doesn't love u because he might feel embarrassed about saying it

it means that she realy loves you but you need to give her space.Also when she texed you it ment that she felt guilty for saying"i need to be by my self" good luck!!!! !

Love can be a person's actions or just them saying it to you with feeling. The person has to give love, make friends, and help those in need. You can find love anywhere, but first you must be willing to give it.

its plenty you can do. you can give off different actions to let them no that you love them. but dont come on two strong

I believe she is trying to complement you, pretty much saying your a lovable person. Maybe its her way of saying "I love you"

In police code 187 means murder; so it would be saying your love is 'murder'.

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