What does the second spirit look like?

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What does the second spirit in the novella A Christmas Carol look like?

It looks like Santa Claus

What did the holy spirit look like?

As the holy spirit is a spirit it can not look like anything visible. It is also a belief so it may not be proven to be true. However, as most believe in it, it is not visible.

What would a dragon spirit look like?

It would probably look like some kind of dragon

What does triforces crest look like?

what does the crest on the red door look like on the legend of Zelda spirit tracks

What does a spirit look like?

You can't see it, its more like a thought or a reasurence; a beleif.

What do a second degree burn look like?

They look like your face! haha...i would no...

Why did the second spirit come in A Christmas Carol?

The second spirit came to show Scrooge Christmas present.

What was the first sign of the second spirit?

The presence of the first spirit.

Who was the second spirit to visit Scrooge?

The Spirit of Christmas Present.

Smells Like Teen Spirit appeared on which Nirvana album?

Their second album, Nevermind (1991).

What does the spirit look like?

Well, it's actually really hard to explain. But, you can't see spirits so we will never know what they look like.

What is a good name for a business that sells used items?

"Second Look""Second Look""Second Look""Second Look""Second Look""Second Look"

What did the second radio telescope look like?

Look in google images dumb@$$

What do banshees look like?

My guess is a normal spirit. I believe that a banshee is a spirit that was tortured in some physical or mental way in life that carried on into death.

Why is spirit used for removing nail polish from the nails?

because spirit absorbs the particals of nail polish and the surface of the nails look like pearl

What did Antietam look like on the second day?


What does the human spirit look like?

Human spirit looks exactly like the same person but without any deformities .... Human spirit also has 5 senses exactly the same way body has but in the spiritual dimention where the life itself has began

How thoes Nike the greek goddess look like?

Nike is the spirit of victory and looks pretty much like Athena.

Is there a second movie of the movie spirit?

no there is not.................

How can you tell if the boy you like likes you back?

Now and then they will look at you for about a second, then look away.

What do the Unown look like?

letters of the alphabet and one looks like a ! and the second looks like a ?

What did the third class rooms look like on the titanic?

like the second only worse

What does king george the second look like?

like this this painting is on display in windsor castle

What does the beginning rash of scabies look like?

they look like a second layer of skin underneath the first on and they hurt if u touch them

When did nirvana release 'smells like teen spirit'?

They released it together with their second studio album "Nevermind" in 1991.