US Secret Service

What does the secret service have todo with the us mint?

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The Secret Service investigates counterfeiting.

The US Secret Service is under the Department of Homeland Security.

United States Secret Service was created in 1865.

The Department of Homeland Security is the authority over the US Secret Service

1865, Lincoln's last official act was to sign the authorization creating the US Secret Service

The US Secret Service is under the Department of Homeland Security.

The US Army Signal Corps has assigned the Secret Service code name of Renegade to Barack Obama.

The Secret Service protects the President of the United States, as directed by Congress. Protecting the president is one of the key missions of the Secret Service.

Code words of the Secret Service are ambiguous words, many of which are used to refer to U.S. presidents. They are not known to the general public.

The official name is the United States Secret Service (USSS). It is a federal law enforcement agency under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Yes, the Speaker of the House is usually given the Secret Service Protection. This is because this is one of the senior most positions in the government of the US.

Access USAJOBS on the internet, and complete the application.

They provide security for the President of the United States.

Presidential security and investigate counterfeiting cases

To stop rampant counterfeiting after the Civil War in 1865

US Mint Philadelphia, PA US Mint West Point, NY US Mint Denver, CO US Mint San Francisco, CA

Yes jimmy carter refused secret service protection upon his retirement. Said it was a waste of tax payer money.

The mint credit card is used to manage personal finances. It provides service for the US and Canada. Mint allows people to track bank, credit card, investment, and loan transactions on a website.

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