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soduim ions

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Q: What does the sodium-potassium pump pick up outside the cell?
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Why is your AC blowing cold air outside and warm inside?

That is exactly how a heat pump works in heating mode are you sure it's not a heat pump?

Explain why the boiler and pump are a model for the cell in a circuit?

think of a circuit with a cell , wires and a bulb. now think about a boiler and pump, pipes and a radiator. the cell is like the boiler and pump because it has the energy. the pipes are like the wires because they transfer the energy. the bulb is like the radiator because they use the energy changing it into light energy and heat energy when referring to them especially.

Which organelle is the most like a garbage truck?

Vacuoles serve as the garbage cans (or trucks) of the plant cell. Plant cells pump whatever they don't want into them to isolate the materials from the active cell chemistry.

How can cells stop diffusion through protein channels?

Well there are many different factors that might dictate whether or not a molecule is capable of passively (diffusion) crossing the threshold of the phosolipid bi-layer (cell membrane). The size would be one variable. If it is too large, it might require assistance to cross over. The polarity of the molecule as it might interact negatively (no pun intended) with the polarity of either the cell membrane or the cell entirely, if it contains large amounts of opposing ions. And then, of course, the concentration gradient of the molecule and how much of this same molecule exists in and outside the cell itself. If any of these obstacles exists, the molecule would require active transport into the cell, which means it would require the expenditure of energy, or a pump or gateway of some kind, depending on the substance...

Does heat pumps need Freon to blow heat out?

Yes, the heat pump (in the heating mode) is like an air conditioner in reverse. It cools the outside air and heats the room air. Of course, you need Freon to do this heat-transfer process.

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What type of ions does the sodium-potassium pump pick up on the outside of the cell?

Sodium ions

Which cellular structure in an animal cell helps maintain homeostasis by controlling the transportation of substances into and out of the cell?

A cell seeks to maintain homeostasis within the cell therefore osmosis will occur. The cell will change the concentration of water within the cell to match the concentration of water outside the cell.

How does the sodium potassium pump help maintian fluid balance?

The sodium potassium pump is constantly a work in each cell of the body to keep sodium and potassium levels in cell fluids even. This pump allows sodium ions which are abundant outside of the cell, to diffuse into the cell, and potassium, which is abundant inside the cell, to diffuse to outside the cell. If this process were to cease, sodium ions would build up inside your cells, which would attract water and ultimately cause the cell to explode.

How According to How the Other Half Lives where did residents of buildings in the slums get their water?

From a pump outside (APEX)

How does the amount of ATP affect the concentration of amino acids outside of the cell relative to inside of the cell?

The lower the amount of ATP, especially if there is none present, the concentration of amino acids outside of the cell will be much greater than on the inside, because amino acids need to be aided by a sodium ion. Sodium is pumped outside of the cell (where the amino acids are) by the sodium-potassium pump which needs ATP to function; therefore, if there is no ATP, the pump will not operate, there will be no sodium ions on the outside to aid amino acids into the cell.

is there anyway i can track someone cell phone to see where they are at?

There are no listed recalls for the transmission pump on a 1991 Nissan pick up truck.

What is a brief description of the action of the sodium-potassium pump?

The sodium-potassium pump is a transmembrane protein in a cell membrane. It keeps large concentrations of sodium ions outside the cell, and potassium ions inside the cell. It does this by pumping the sodium ions out, and the potassium ions in.

How do you change a fuel filter on sierra 1500 pick-up 2008?

no outside fuel filter. inside fuel tank part of pump assy.

Does a sodium-potassium pump require an integral protein?

Yes, because integral proteins extend all the way though the cellular membrane which is necessary because potassium has to be brought from the outside of the cell to the inside and the sodium has to be brought from the inside of the cell to the outside.

Do sodium potassium ATPase pump causes positive charge to accumulate inside cells?

no- the outside of the cell becomes positively charge while the inside of the cell will become negitvely charged

What pump installed outside the machinery?

ballast pump

How the Other Half Lives where did residents of buildings in the slums get their water?

from a pump outside. -apex