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The red star is widely recognized as a symbol of communism. Many communist countries have used it in a similiar way.

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Q: What does the star in the flag of north Korea mean?
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What country has flag with one red star?

There's more than one country with a single red star in its flag. They include Algeria, North Korea, Panama, and Tunisia.

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What are the symbols of the North Korean flag?

The flag of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) has the following symbolism: The blue stripes signify sovereignity, peace and friendship. The white stripes signify purity and the heritage of the Korean people. Red represents the revolutionary spirit of the people. The red star is the symbol of communism.

How difficult is it for tourist to visit North Korea?

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What is the color of the Korean flag?

The flag of South Korea has a white background with a blue and red wave-like circle in the center with four sets of three black trigrams surrounding the central circle. The flag of North Korea is a red star in a white circle on a red background with white and blue stripes along the top and bottom.

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