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the tail helps the sperm cell swim up to the egg cell

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What are the possible outcomes if you roll the number cube once and flip the coin twice?

(1,head,head),(1,head,tail),(1,tail,head),(1,tail,tail) (2,head,head), (2,head,tail),(2,tail,head),(2,tail,tail), (3,head,head), (3,head,tail),(3,tail,head),(3,tail,tail), (4,head,head), (4,head,tail),(4,tail,head),(4,tail,tail), (5,head,head), (5,head,tail),(5,tail,head),(5,tail,tail), (6,head,head), (6,head,tail),(6,tail,head),(6,tail,tail),

What shapes the comets tail into a shimmering tail?

a ion tail or a dust tail

What is a forked tail?

A forked tail is the tail on the back of the dolphin. It is called "Forked tail" because the tail is in the shape of a fork.

Why do they call the tail bone a tail bone?

because the bone in the tail is a tail bone

What is Spoon-tail?

spoon-tail an insect

If I had a tail what would I do with it?

depends on what kind of tail you have.

Can gerbils get wet-tail?

Yes. Check their tail you will see marks if they have wet tail

What is a Naruto demon?

A Naruto demon is many different animals 1st tail: Shukaku 2nd tail: nibi 3rd tail: sanbi 4th tail: yonbi 5th tail: gobi 6th tail: rokibi 7th tail: shichibi 8th tail: hachibi 9th tail: kyuubi

What is a deer's tail called?

The tail of a deer is called a tail.

Homonym for tail?

The tail of an animal.To tail: secretly follow somebody in their daily routine.The tail of a comet

Does a gorilla have a tail?

no, it does not have a tail

What is a anteaters tail called?

A tail. Or more specifically an anteater's tail.

Is a human tail bone a tail?

Not exactly. It is the vestigial remnant of a tail.

What is a crown-tail?

A crown-tail is a betta with a very big tail,it is like any betta and has the same ways as one but just has a big tail A crown-tail is a betta with a very big tail,it is like any betta and has the same ways as one but just has a big tail

Which is longer the ion tail or the dust tail?

The dust tail because the dust tail has a curve to it which will make it take longer.

What is required to convert a 4l60 transmission 4wd to 2wd only?

Change the tail shaft of the tranismission from a 4WD tail shaft to a 2WD tail shaft and use a 2WD tail housing.... The 4WD transmissions has shorter tail shafts and tail hounsing, while the 2WD has a longer tail shaft and tail hounsing.

What mermaid costume is better super tail or dragon tail?

super tail

What is a regular platypus tail named?

A platypus's tail is just called a tail.

Which is grammatically correct foxes tail or fox's tail?

Assuming you're referring to the tail belonging to a fox, then the correct one is: fox's tail. The apostrophe indicates possession of the latter (the tail) by the former (the fox).

Did a dolphin lose its tail then get a robotic tail?

yes, in the movie dolphin tail, the story was that adolphin lost its tail tphen got a robotic tail. it was based on a truestory.

Does a comet have a tail?

yes it does have a tail

What is a chicken's tail called?

A tail.

Did Austrolipithecus Afarensis have a tail?

no, they did not have a tail.

Does a snake have a tail?

Yes it does have a tail

Does a rooster have a tail?

Yes it does have a tail.

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