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The genocide of Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and 6 million Jewish people. Jews refer to the Holocaust as "Shoah".


There are, however, two competing definitions. When used by professional historians it refers to the Nazi genocide of the Jews.

"The standard work by the distinguished Canadian historian Michael Marrus, TheHolocaust in History, focused on, to use his own words, 'the Holocaust, the systematic mass murder of European Jewry by the Nazis'. Similarly, Sir Martin Gilbert, in his documentary compilation, The Holocaust: The Jewish Tragedy( London, 1986), concurred in referring to 'the systematic attempt to destroy all European Jewry - an attempt now known as the Holocaust'. Another author, Ronnie S. Landau, put forward a similar definition in his book, The Nazi Holocaust: 'The Holocaust involved the deliberate, systematic murder of approximately 6 million Jews in Nazi-dominated Europe between 1941 and 1945."

Richard J. Evans, Telling Lies About Hitler: The Holocaust, History and the David Irving Trial, Verso, London and New York, 2002, pp. 113-4.

More popularly, especially in the US, it is extended to all people killed by the Nazis on the basis of their group membership.

Yet a third view is gaining ground - namely, the the Germans fought a 'war of annihilation' (mainly on the Eastern Front) and that this attempt to reduce the population of Eastern Europe by about 30 million was the core of the Holocaust, though it included some other groups.

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What does the term Aryan refer to Holocaust?

Hitler regarded the Aryan race as the "master race." He believed that they had the right to rule the world. Because of this he persecuted other races but mainly the Jews. This led to the holocaust.

When was the term Holocaust invented?

The term holocaust was first used in biblical writings. Holocaust means a sacrifice. OLD testament

Where did the term Pogrom originate during the holocaust?

The term Pogrom did not originate during the Holocaust.

What does the term special treatment and final solution refer to?

Final Solution = Hitler's Jewish Holocaust. Special Treatment = Nazi euphemism for killing or extermination.

To what does the term coed refer?

to what does the term coed refer

When and where was the term 'Holocaust' first used to describe what occurred in the death camps?

As far as can be established, the word 'Holocaust' (actually 'a holocaust', not 'the Holocaust') was first used in the (London) News Chronicle in November 1942 to describe the extermination of the Jews.The word 'genocide' was first used in print in 1944. However, the term Holocaust was not widely used for the Nazi genocide of the Jews till the late 1970s following the broadcast of the TV miniseries with that title. (It is sometimes said the use of the term for the Nazi genocide of the Jews was popularized by Elie Wiesel from the late 1950s on).Note the term Holocaust does not refer only to murder in death camps, but also to mass open-air shootings (of which there were many in Eastern Europe) and to deliberate starvation in ghettos.

How do the Jewish people refer to the Nazi's killing of Jews?

The Holocaust

Is there a special name or term for someone who died in the Holocaust?

They are usually referred to as Holocaust victims.

What symptoms did they check during the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was too big, covering many different types of people for anyone to work out who, where and when the 'they' that you refer to are.

Definition of Shoah?

another term for the Holocaust

Is Holocaust the correct name?

Since about 1980, the term the Holocaust has become pretty much standard.

When did the Holocaust come to be called the Holocaust?

The term the Holocaust only came into widespread use in the late 1970s after the showing of the TV miniseries with that title.

When we refer to the ''Holocaust'' what time period are we talking about?

The Holocaust is considered to have occurred between June 1941 and May 1945.

What is the term for the extermination of the Jews in World War 2?

The usual term is the Holocaust.

What is a holocaust term for x?

balls and/or weiners in your mouth

What is the word for the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis?

The term is the Holocaust.

What does the term extraterrestrial refer to?

The term extraterrestrial can be adjective or noun. In adjective case, the term extraterrestrial refer occurring or existing beyond the earth's atmosphere. In noun case, the term extraterrestrial refer being from the beyond the earth's atmosphere.

What is an antonym for Holocaust?

Holocaust does not have antonym or synonym. The Holocaust can refer to the specific events regarding the Hitler's Final Solution, but can also regard other genocides and the mass erasure of millions through thermonuclear warfare.

Did the Russian revolution lead to the Holocaust?

No. Holocaust means devastation. In the 20th century the term "holocaust" normally refers to the Nazi German concentration camps in WW2.

What is the forgotten Holocaust?

The term fogotten holocaust is sometimes applied to any genocide that the writer or speakers believes is ignored.

Who was a survivor of the Holocaust?

The term "Holocaust Survivor" means any Jew who lived through the 1940's genocide.

What are all the dates of the Holocaust?

The Holocaust time period was from January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945. "Those were dark years for the Jews."_____________If you are going to use the word Holocaust for the entire period that the Nazis were in power, the term is redundant and you might as well refer to the Nazi Era.On the other hand, if you mean the systematic genocide of the Jews, then the key period is 1941-1945.

Were there drugs in the Holocaust?

If you refer to deadly drugs such as weed or crack most likely not during the Holocaust but if you are referring to cyanide and other euthanization drugs then heck ya.

Does the final solution describe the same events as the holocaust?

Not exactly, the Holocaust is the term for what happened to the Jews. The Final Solution is the plan to exterminate the Jews, this was after many phases of the Holocaust.

Hilters term for his long-term progranm for the Jews?

the Holocaust you spelled Hitler wrong

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