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What does the term Nazi have to do with to the Holocaust?


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Nazi's put lots of Jewish people in concentration camps and then murdered most of them this event ws known as the Holocaust

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1945 was when the nazi holocaust was exposed

The Holocaust, in particular the Nazi "Final Solution."

No. Holocaust means devastation. In the 20th century the term "holocaust" normally refers to the Nazi German concentration camps in WW2.

What were some conflicts for the holocaust children in the nazi war?"

The Holocaust was committed by the government of Nazi Germany.

Yes, Nazi Germany was the creator of the Holocaust.

The term the Holocaust (with a capital H) was adopted by historians c. 1980 for the Nazi genocide of the Jews, which the Nazis had referred to as the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. Since then, some have extended the term to cover all (large-scale) Nazi atrocities.Many also talk about the Armenian Holocaust.Please see the related question. (Links below).

The Holocaust was the Nazi genocide of the Jews. The Nazi regime chose to do this. It was not some 'problem' that needed 'solving'.

Nazi Germany was under Nazi German control during the Holocaust.

There was no Nazi programme. The Holocaust developed from party policies and conditions brought up from the war.

Jews during the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied europe were putted into Concentration Camps. Jews who wern't in the Nazi Zones were lucky to survive and not to be involved with the Holocaust.

Britain was not affected by the Holocaust (Nazi genocide).

to eliminate Jews from the Nazi-controlled territory

Nazi leaders were not brought to justice during the Holocaust. That is why there was able to be a Holocaust. The Nazi leaders who survived were brought to trial after the war and the holocaust was ended. This was done by trying them in an international court of law before a panel of judges from the major allied countries.

The goal of the 'Final Solution' was to eliminate Europe's Jews. This is not quite the same as the Holocaust, which a wider term for the actions taken by Nazi Germany against Europe's Jews.

As far as can be established, the word 'Holocaust' (actually 'a holocaust', not 'the Holocaust') was first used in the (London) News Chronicle in November 1942 to describe the extermination of the Jews.The word 'genocide' was first used in print in 1944. However, the term Holocaust was not widely used for the Nazi genocide of the Jews till the late 1970s following the broadcast of the TV miniseries with that title. (It is sometimes said the use of the term for the Nazi genocide of the Jews was popularized by Elie Wiesel from the late 1950s on).Note the term Holocaust does not refer only to murder in death camps, but also to mass open-air shootings (of which there were many in Eastern Europe) and to deliberate starvation in ghettos.

The term the Holocaust (with an upper-case H) was created to refer specifically to the attempt by the Nazis, in 1941-45 to kill all the Jews that they could find. It replaced the Nazis' own term, which was 'the Final Solution of the Jewish Question'. Every event (or series of events) in history is unique.However, if you are asking whether the term also includes other victims of Nazi genocide and other Nazi atrocities there is a problem as there are two definitions in use. Professional historians generally use the term specifically for the Nazi genocide of the Jews, but in popular usage, especially in the US, the term is often used for all victims of Nazi mass murder.If you are asking whether any other people has been subjected to genocide, the answer is yes.For many Jews the Holocaust has become an important 'badge' of Jewish identity: the Jews have become the 'people of the Holocaust'.

The Holocaust was not 'solved'. Rather it was stopped when Nazi Germany was defeated by the Allies.

The Shoah is the Hebrew term for the Nazi genocide of the Jews. In Hebrew it means catastrophe. (Unlike the term the Holocaust there are no ambiguities as to whether non-Jewish victims are included).

The Nazi's called it "The Final Solution". The rest of the world called it the Holocaust.

The Holocaust took place in Nazi-occupied Europe in World War 2.

The only thing that stopped the holocaust was the Allied victory over Nazi Germany.

The Holocaust took place everywhere that there was Nazi persecution of the Jews.

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