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What does the term boolean originate?

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The term boolean comes from boolean algebra, which was invented by George Bool in 1854, and described in his work, "An Investigation of the Laws of Thought".

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Where does the termboolean originate?

Where does the term "boolean" originate?

Where does term boolean originate?

It is derived from the name George Boole who's work led to a field of study known as Boolean Logic.

Where does the term boolean originate?

The term originated from George Boole, who was an English mathematician, philosopher, and logician. In terms of computer programming, Boolean means that that data type can only be true or false, using terms such as AND, OR, and NOT.

What is the origin of the term Boolean?

The term "Boolean" is derived from George Boole.

Where does the term Boolen originate?

George Boole is credited with the invention of Boolean algebra which was introduced in his first book, The Mathematical Analysis of Logic (1847).

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What does the term boolean orginate?

The concept of Boolean values and logic (true, false, and, or, not, exclusive or, exclusive not) was given a name after the person that formally defined Boolean algebra, George Boole.

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Which boolean operation is referred to as a boolean product?

AND operation is referred as a boolean product

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What term best describes a one bit value in a computer?

bit, boolean, LOGICAL, bool

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What is the function of the Boolean keyword in Java?

Boolean is not a keyword in Java. boolean is. The Boolean class wraps a value of the primitive type boolean in an object. Boolean objects may be stored in a container data structure, converted from and to a String, and compared to other objects.

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what is boolean operator

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What year did George Boole develop boolean algebra?

what is the contribution George Boolean to the development of Boolean operations

What is a boolean variable?

A Boolean variable is a variable from Boolean algebra having one of only two values.

What is Boolean means in Visual BASIC?

Boolean refers to values that can only be True or False. If you are setting up a boolean variable, only True or False can be stored in it. This is a standard element of programming languages for situations involving options for True/False, Yes/No etc. When you see something in a program like "Do you want to continue (Yes/No)?", the reply given is stored as a boolean value. They can be referred to as logical values. The term boolean comes from the mathematician George Boole, after whom they are named.

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