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What does the term field names mean in a database?


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A field name is the name of the column or field in a data table which stores a particular set of data. A field name should be as descriptive as possible to describe the data stored in that field. For example, a table storing data about cars may have a field to store the color of the car. This field should be named COLOR or CAR_COLOR or something otherwise descriptive of the data that field is storing.

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"Field" equates to a column of a database table, the two terms are interchangeable.

In a database, a field is any area that can be filled in with different kinds of data that are relating to one thing. For example, in a database to do with population, there is likely to be an age field.

In computing terms - a 'field' is a space where the computer... (1) expects input from the operator, or (2) places information from a database.

In a database management system (DBMS), an attribute may describe a component of the database, such as a table or a field, or may be used itself as another term for a field. Commonly we can say that an attribute is a "propety" of a database field or its a characteristic or facet of the data field..

For databases, a field is another name for a column in the table. Each record (or row) represents an incidence of one or more fields, each with its own data.

Field is used to indicate a location to hold a piece of data in a database, which is a collection of data.

The key field is a unique field that identifies a specific data set. A key field frequently used for customer databases is a telephone number, because the phone number is unique to that particular customer. The key field is required to link various records with each other and for helping to normalize a database.

Each column in the database term is called a field . Group of fields is called or known as a record.Each field is unique and also known as attributes of the data .

Field is a database term that means a data entry. In Excel, the equivalent would be called a cell.

Data is stored in table in the database . Each table has some records or tuples. A record refers to a row in the database table.

A field is more a database term than a spreadsheet term. In a spreadsheet a field can refer to a column of data that is of the same type, like all numbers or all dates or birth or all home addresses etc. This would be in a case where your spreadsheet is laid out similar to a database table.

The properties of a database are commonly called a schema. The schema describes the tables in the database, the fields inside each table, the contents of each field, etc.

Typically when someone uses the term field in relation to databases, they are referring to an attribute in a specific table within a database. Thus, if you have a database table used to store data about users of your system, a field (or attribute) would be first name.

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A field is a term associated with databases. Columns in spreadsheets can be related to fields in a database. It is possible to set up a database in a spreadsheet, so in that case a group of columns with data could be like a database table. A database table consists of fields.

A file is nothing but a term used by database administrators and programmers where data is stored in a specific format. In short, a file is where in all the records or sets of records are stored on a computer.

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The field is where data is entered. For example, a phone book database may have fields such as LName, FName, Add1, Add2, City, ST, ZIP, AC, Phone. Also, for the phone company's version of said database, they may have some additional fields such as Unlisted, NoAddr (as not everyone wants their addresses in the phone book), FInit (since some want only their first initials rather than their names in the phone book), etc. Fields can be of various types, of course, such as numeric, string/text, boolean, time/date, and more. What data types are allowed depend on what type of database software you are using or whether you are custom designing your own software by programming in C, Pascal, or another such language.

A record is equivalent to a row in a database, a collection of fields that are associated.

Populating a database generally means adding information (data) to a database, thus filling in any pregenerated information needed. It could also mean adding the fields to a database in order to be able to fill it with information. The final common use of that term is to connect a database to a front end application in order to use the information stored in that database.

A field is designated as a unit of data. It can be thought of as being like the cell in a spreadsheet. For example, a database address record might have a street address field, a city field, a state field and a zip code field. It would also need a primary key field. All these fields taken together would be a record. A collection of the same type records would be a table.

Database is for storing and managing data. Data in the database is stored in tables. A record is data about a object in the table .

The term pitch, when associated with soccer, means the soccer field. Pitch is another term for the field where the game is played.

Relational databases consist of tables. Tables consist of columns and rows; think of a single page of a simple spreadsheet. The term "field" is often used to describe the intersection of a column and a row in a database table. (Some people use the term field interchangeably with the term column so this is not completely agreed upon so, alternately, you could refer to that piece of data as a "cell".) Each column in a database has a type. In some databases the smallest type is a "bit" which represents a 0 or 1 and can be interpreted as "false" or "true". So, if a column has a type of "bit" a field in that column is probably the smallest unit of data for that database.

The primary key refers to the field in a database that would contain only unique values. For every row in the table, the value in this field would definitely be unique. for example in an employee table, the employee number field would be the primary key. no two employees would have the same employee number.

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