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The white field represents the people's purity and their desire for peace, while the central emblem is the red and blue yin-yang symbol, depicting the concepts of creation and development through duality and balance.

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Q: What does the white of the Korean flag represent?
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What do the colors on the Korean flag represent?

the colors on the korean flag represent the same thing as on the american flag Blue=Vigilance, Perserverance, and Justice White=Purity and Innocence. Red=Valor and Hardness

What are some colors in the Korean flag?

The South Korean flag is black, white, blue and red. The North Korean flag is red, blue and white. The flag of the Korean Empire was white, blue and orangey red.

What does the North Korean flag represent?

It represents communism.

What does a white flag with a white cross from WW1 represent?

Surely a white cross on a white flag is a white flag ! I surrender !

What is the Korean symbol for loyalty?

The white flag

What do the colors on the Greek flag supposed to represent flag represent?

the blue is water and the white is wind

What does the white and stripe on the wales flag represent?

the white flag means hope and freedom

What does the white in the Panama flag represent?

The white on the Panama flag means peace between the people.

What do the stipes on the England flag represent?

Its not called the England flag it's called the Union Flag and the white stripes represent the Scotish Soltire.

What are the colors of the south Korean flag?

black, white, red, and blueThe South Korean flag colors include the white background. The other colors on the flag are red, blue, and black.

What does the white on the American flag represent?

it means the sun

What does the white on the US flag represent?

Purity and innocence