What does the word designate?

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Designate means appointing a specified position. This word is a verb.

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Q: What does the word designate?
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Related questions

Is designate a noun?

No the word designate is a verb not a noun. The noun form is designation.

What word means to indicate or point out?


How can i use the word designated in a sentence?

We will designate her in the big crowd.

Does the word rubrum designate species?

No, I don't believe so.

What is the definition of the word designate?

The word designate means to appoint someone to a specified position. It can also mean to be appointed to a position or office but not yet installed. Some synonyms are assign and indicate.

What word describes to select for a job?

This could be to choose or to nominate; or for employees, to designate.

What is designate offender in basketball?

it is designate

What is the noun the ladybug fluttered from one leaf to the next?

The nouns in the sentence are: ladybug and leaf. However, some dictionaries designate the word 'next' as a noun and some dictionaries designate the word 'next' as an indefinite pronoun. The choice is yours.

What the same as choose?

Select, pick, decide upon, designate are all synonyms for the word choose.

Where does the word caravan originate from?

From the Persian kâravân, a word was used to designate a group of people who were traveling by camel or horse on the silk road.

What is the Greek word for city used to designate the independent city-states of ancient Greece?

πόλεις (or polis). The English word "metropolis" derives from the same word.

What is a synonym of the word choose?

pick, prefer, select, elect, adopt, opt for, designate, wish, want

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