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Answer The German equivalent of the English word "mother" is die Mutter. The word die (pron. dee) means "the" and indicates that the word is feminine in gender. In the noun itself, the "u" is pronounced much like the "u" in the English word "put". Be sure to keep the "t" sound distinct. Prettysharp.

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How do you spell mother in German?

The German word for mother is Mutter.

How do you use the word yiddish in a sentence?

Example: Why does Yiddish sound like German?

What is the German word that means mother?

Mother = Mutter

What is the word for mother in German?

Mother translates as Mutter.

Is the German ich like a ih?

The German ch-sound is pronounced as in the Scottish word loch although in some local dialects its is pronounced as a sh- or ck-sound.

What does the Yiddish word that sounds like e'ma mean?

"EE-mah" is a Hebrew word, meaning 'mother'. The Yiddish word for 'mother' is "MOO-tehr" ... straight from German.

What is German word for Mother?


What is mutter vogel?

Mutter is the German word for motherVogel is the German word for bird

What does ja in German sound like?

The "j" in German is usually pronounced as a "y". The word "ja" means "yes" in English and is pronounced "yah", just like we do.

Is Oma the German word for mother?


Is Dutch the German word for German?

The German word for German is Deutsch (sounding like "doitch."

Who gave sound the name sound?

Look for the word etymology. Sound (english) > sund, gesund (german).

What word did Wilhelm Wundt spelled with a w but pronounced with a v?

Not quite sure where this question is headed, the German letter w is pronounced like the English v, so words starting with w in German are pronounced with a v-sound.The German v sounds like the English f.The English w-sound does not exist in German.

What does sound mean in German?

Sond is not a German word. The closest German words are:Sonde - probeSonder - without

What does the German word ywosch mean?

I believe you spelled the word wrong, please double check. "Ywosch" is not a German word, nor does it sound close to any German word, as far as I know.

How do you pronounce the German word Tante?

Sounds like "taunt" in english, with less of a u sound, and an e added at the end.

Is the word was a long a sound?

The word "was" has a short-a sound, like "ahhh". If you wanted a long-a sound, the word "ways" has a long-a sound, where the letter "a" sounds like "aie"

What word has the same beginning sound as the word mother?

month mouth mouse

Is there a German word that sounds like rouse?

The German word "raus" means "(get) out."

What is the German word for what?

What in German is was (pronounced like vas)

What does gman mean in German?

There is no word like that in German.

Are hamsters made of ham?

No, the name may sound like it, but the word itself, hamastra, came from the 1600s and meant "German rat."

How do you pronounce michaelis?

Michaelis - M-ih-k-aae-l-ihs You start with an M sound, then i (like in the word it), the ch is pronounced as a k or a ck sound (like in name Mick), the ae is a long A sound (like in the word grape), then then L sound (like in the word like), the 'is' is a breathy sound (like in the word Istanbul)

How do you sound it out?

That means, what does the word sound like? If you sound it out, like in the word "take," you get t-a-k-e, making take the spelling.

What is the stressed syllable in the word report?

that would be the plosive, or "P" sound in the word. A stressed syllable is one that carries the word, it's usually the loudest sound/plosive, glottal or dental stop in the word, like "G" in German and "D" in Dentist. Hope that helps! Alyssa