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What does the word stopped mean?


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It currently when you finished running you had to stopped


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No, the word stopped is not an adverb.The word stopped is in fact a verb.

stopped = mufsak (ืžื•ืคืกืง)

There are a lot of synonyms to this word, instead of using stopped, you can use block.

Who stopped the police officer? We were stopped by the police.

The car suddenly stopped, and just in time! I just stopped by to say hello.

The clock stopped dead on three in the morning.The police stopped the crime spree.I have stopped drinking coffee.

The evil bad guy stopped me from saving the world

this means that the music is stopped or being stopped by a note

It can be. The word "stopped" is a past tense verb or past participle (to stop). It can be used as an adjective (e.g. stopped cars).

One word that can mean tossed away is discarded. An example used in a sentence is "John discarded his refrigerator at the salvage yard after it stopped working."

to stop or be stopped.

The word stopped has only one syllable. It is pronounced with a single stress point.

My mom stopped at the grocery store to buy milk for cereal.

it stopped blinking because it stopped working its gone kid ;)

No. Disney stopped using it in 2006.

Quit, stopped, ended..

A woodwind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece, a cylindrical tube of dark wood with a flared end, and holes stopped by keys

I've always stopped when a pedestrian wants to cross the street.

Antontyms are word with opposite meaning. If stopped is the opposite of unstopped, then yes, they are antonyms

The word hemostatic means that blood has stopped. Usually it is used when blood is stopped from going to a damaged blood vessel.

Because it is mean and unfair

The likely word is "interrupted" (stopped in progress).

Ceased means stopped or ended.

The spelling of the slang word is carmetologist, a play on the word cosmetologist, and intended to mean a woman who fixes her makeup while driving (and most annoyingly, while stopped overlong at a traffic signal or intersection).

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