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It means "thank you very much sweetie" in Hebrew

Toda- Thank you

Raba - Very much

Motek - Sweetie

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2009-01-12 20:03:13
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Q: What does toda raba motek mean?
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How do you write toda raba motek in Hebrew?

Toda raba, motek = תודה רבה מותק

What does toda raba chaver mean?

Toda raba chaver means "thank you very much, friend"

How do i say thank you in Hebrew?

Thank you - Toda - תודהThank you very much - Toda Raba - תודה רבהThank you - Toda - תודהThank you very much - Toda Raba - תודה רבה

How do you say thank you in Israel?

Toda (thanks) or Toda Raba (thank a lot)

How do you spell toda raba in Hebrew?

תּוֹדָה רַבָּה

What does toda raba you vraha naim meot mean?

toda raba (תודה רבה) means thank you very much in Hebrew, but the rest is nonsense. If the rest is supposed to be "levrakha naima meod" (לברכה נעימה מאד), that would mean "for very pleasant blessings"

What does toda Raba veyom tov mean?

Translation: Thank you very much and have a good day. (תודה רבה ויום טוב)

What does toda raba you-tookah in Hebrew?

todah rabah (תודה רבה) means "thank you very much", but "you-tookah" doesn't mean anything"

What does the Hebrew word Motek mean?

מותק (motek) = sweetness.This word is often used to mean "darling"

What does 'raba' mean in Hebrew?

"Raba" would translate into English as "very much."

What does eze motek mean?

"What a sweetie!" or "How sweet!"

When was Motek created?

Motek was created in 1993.

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