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The total annual capacity for a company refers to the number of finished products that the particular company can produce in one calendar year. Say a TV Manufacturing company can manufacture 100 TV sets in a day then its total annual capacity would be 365 * 100 = 36500

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Q: What does total annual capacity for a company mean?
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What is does total annual bonus mean?

total annual bonus for the job position

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the total holding capacity of the fuel tank.

If a company has 5 employees with annual salaries of 30000 50000 30000 80000 and 70000 respectively what is the mean annual salary at the company?

answer is 52,000

Does annual mean average?

No, "annual" means on a yearly basis, while "average" is the mean. For example, annual salary would mean the total salary earned in a year, while average monthly salary would mean the total salary earned in a year divided by 12 months.

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The Total Cost to Company refers to an employee's salary package. It is the total cost a company or organization is spending for an employee and it includes salary and perks.

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What does it mean if a firm has excess capacity?

a firm has excess capacity if it produces below its efficient scale, whcih is the quantity at which total cost is a minimum.

What does annual salary requirement mean?

You may see annual salary requirement mentioned when you apply for a job. The company wants to know how much you expect to make annually.

If a company has five employees with annual salaries of 40000 90000 40000 30000 and 80000 respectively what is the mean annual salary at the company?

mean = (sum of data items)/(number of data items) = (40,000 + 90,000 + 40,000 + 30,000 + 80,000)/5 = 280,000/5 = 56,000

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