What does tu sabes que lo de ayer te gusto in English?

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you know you liked what you did last night!
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What does sabes que mean in English?

The words sabes que in Spanish means "to know" in English. Sabes isa form of the root verb, saber, which means "to have knowledge".

What is the English for te amo porque tu eres la Nina que robo mi corazon y yo soy el nino de quien te estas enamorando y las llaves de mi corazon soy para ti te amo y te quiero?

te amo = I love you porque tu eres la Nina que robo mi corazon = because you're the girl who stole my heart y yo soy el nino de quien te estas enamorando = and I'm the boy with whom you're falling in love y las llaves de mi corazon* = and the keys to my heart soy para ti* = I'm yours te amo y te qu ( Full Answer )

What does el burro sabe mas que tu mean in English?

you are really stupid It was used in NYC school system to teach people how to pronounce the vowels in Spanish: A (ah) E (eh) I (ee) O (o) U (ooh), el (or mi? or mas?) my donkey knows better than you. Told to me I recall it as "mas en ver mi burro que tu" or "but in my view that your donkey" BBeggs ( Full Answer )

Estoy bien enfogonada contigo porque you cojistes chavos de mi cartera cuando yo estaba durmiendo y tu sabes que lo hicistes y yo tan buena contigo Luis e so no se hace yo soy tu mama solamente una ve?

Chavos means money, spanish people from the Caribbean use this word alot Haha I think I got this wrong since my spanish is not very good but I tried! Doesn't make much sense especially the end so i guess I got it wrong: I'm really pissed off with you because you took (something) from my wall ( Full Answer )

Y dime como estas te amo tu lo sabes?

This sounds like song lyrics. "Dime" is "tell me"; "cómo estás" is "How are you?" "Te amo" is "I love you"; "tú lo sabes" is "you know it."

What does this mean in English Se parece bastante contigo tu sabes o no te lo an dicho?

A better interpretation to English would be, Have they told you that you look a lot like him (or her - it's not specified)? 'se parace' can mean appear but it can also mean to look like or even be stating an opinion. I should also mention that it is 'han dicho'. This is the perfect tense and a for ( Full Answer )

What is de lo que in English?

"de lo que" would vary depending on the context it is used in - but the direct translation would be " than ".

What does Tu No Sabes mean in English?

"you don't know" as in a fact. "You don't know the answer" = "Tu no sabes la respuesta". As opposed to "You don't know my mother" = "Tu no conoces mi madre"

What does como sabes lo que te pregunté mean?

With an accent on the first 'o' in 'como': 'How do you know what I asked you?' Without an accent: As you know, what I asked you.....(implicitly '....was....')

What does como sabes lo que esvribo mean?

Assuming "esvribo" is a typographical error for 'escribo', then the question is, literally, "How knowest thou that which I write?" A more general translation would be, "How do you know what I'm writing?"

What does espero que tu suenos con los angelitos mean in english?

It means, "I hope that you [---------] with the little angels." The meaning of the word 'suenos' is omitted in the translation because 'suenos' doesn't mean anything in Spanish. 'Sueñes,' however, does mean something in Spanish, and if it's put in the target sentence, it would then mean, '"I ho ( Full Answer )

How do you answer Que te gusta hacer los fines de semana?

A los fines de semana me gusta buscar a answers.com para traducir mi tarea. Entiendo que otras estudiantes leen el libro; pero yo soy demasiado ocupado con masturbacion y no tengo el tiempo para abrir mis libros.

What is porque tu siemple hablar cosas que tu sabes in English?

It doesn't translate well, it means this: "Because forever, to speak things that you know." Maybe you may have wanted to say, Porque tu siempre hablas cosas que tu sabes" Which would mean: "Because you always speak / say things that you know."

What do tu te ases como no sabes pero yo si pienco que to no quieres a dicir a mi que tu intiendes mean?

The statement should probably read: Tú te haces como no sabes pero yo pienso que tú no quieres decirme que tú entiendes. This means: You pretend like you don't know but I think that you don't want to tell me that you understand. Tú means you. Tu means your Ases is not a Spani ( Full Answer )