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Types of sentences:


  • This type of sentence is a command.
  • Example: Close the window now!


  • This type of sentence gives information. It is the most common of all three sentence types.
  • Example: It's raining outside.


  • This sentence type asks a question.
  • Example: Where is the nearest gas station?
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Q: What does types of sentences means and a example of it?
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What are the four types of sentences What end punctuation does each type of sentence take?

The four types of sentences are declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory.Declarative sentences makes a statement and ends with a period.(Example: The dog stood still.)Interrogative sentences asks a question and ends with a question mark.(Example: Is Earth the third planet from the sun?)Imperative sentences gives a command or states a request and ends with a period.(Example: Start washing the clothes in the morning.)Exclamatory sentences expresses a strong feeling and ends with an exclamation mark.(Example: The sky is so beautiful!)

Vogue in a sentence?

"vogue" means the prevailing fashion. -We don't do example sentences.

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Syntax is a type of writing and on this case she uses many types. One example is parallelism with sentences or using simple sentences.

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So, you need some example sentences? I felt so relieved to finish my example sentences. The boy wrote, "So what?" as an example sentence.

How can you use trouble in a sentences?

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What are example sentences with fortuitous?

Fortuitous means that some thing happened by chance or luck.It was fortuitous for me to win the prize.

Classification of Sentences by Types and Predictions?

CLASSIFICATION OF SENTENCES BY TYPES: declarative sentences interrogative sentences imperative sentence exclamatory sentences CLASSIFICATION OF SENTENCES BY PREDICATION simple compound complex compound complex

What is punctuating sentences?

You must punctuate every sentence. You will learn to correctly punctuate sentences when you learn the types of sentences.

What is the difference between has and have and give an example?

the difference between has and have is that you use has in sentences with : ( she , he and it ) for example : she has a book . but you use have in sentences with : ( I , you , we and they ) for example : you have a book , I have a book .

How can you use the word hallows in a sentence?

hallowed means greatly respected. i dont have any example sentences to share. sorry.

The two types of sentences found in a paragraph are the?

The topic sentence and sentences that expand upon it.