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What does vicinity mean?

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The area immediately surrounding a place

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How do you use vicinity in a sentence?

we talked in the vicinity . vicinity was very artistic.

What does showers in the vicinity mean?

Well, "showers in the vicinity" means there are moderate to even a light or heavy shower or maybe a thunder shower in a specific area of a county or city.

What does peribronchovascular mean?

Peribronchovascular means in the vicinity of the bronchi and their nearby blood vessels.

Vicinity in a sentence?

Excuse me is there a park in this vicinity?

What is a good sentence for the word vicinity?

A good sentance for the word vicinity is:There are no hotels in the vicinity of the hospital

How do you spell fascinity?

I believe you mean nearby, if that is the case it is spelled vicinity. Grtz. Z

Can you use vicinity in a sentence?

Vicinity is my favorite pokemon

What is a sentence using the word vicinity?

"He could tell from the smell that he was in the vicinity of a coffee warehouse." "Are there any parks in the vicinity?"

Can you give me a sentence with vicinity in it?

"I live in the vicinity of the Nation's capital"

What does it mean to find a white feather?

It means that somewhere in your vicinity a fowl with white feathers lurks.

What does it mean when you see two black cats?

There are several cats in your vicinity and your eyesight is working fine.

A sentence for vicinity?

Were you in the vicinity of Hollywood and Vine at 9:00 last night? There are three fast food restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel.

Where is the gallbadder located?

in the general vicinity of your waist in the general vicinity of your waist

How do you spell vicinity?

That is the correct spelling of the word "vicinity" (local area).

Can you give a sentence with the word vicinity?

The gaurds searched the vicinity for the escaped convict.

What is a vicinity map?

A 'vicinity map' is a map that illustrates the vicinity of whatever it is you are interested in - your town, your neighborhood, the area around ground zero of Hiroshima - whatever. It shows things which are in 'the vicinity' (the near area) of your central or main map feature.

What does the word deceived mean?

Assault, career, deserve, financial, information, investigate, mishap, twilight, vicinity, victim

What does it mean when your shy crush talks loudly whether or not you're in her vicinity?

It means he/ she likes you and is trying to get you to hear what he/ she is saying.

How do you make a sentence with the word vicinity?

these are some of the most different ways this question can be answered here goes....Alternatively, a group which represents people who live in the vicinity of the premises can also make relevant representations.The plan was to head from Leeds Station to a Hotel in the vicinity of the junction in question.Where boating takes place in the vicinity of seal colonies, it has the potential to cause disturbance.These routes are all part of normal services which go much further than the vicinity of the airport.Since then the adult pair have remained in the vicinity of the nest with the male continuing to bring fish for the female.The image on the left shows the velocity field in the vicinity of the planet.Capture was inevitable so the brothers decided to leave the vicinity.These positive and negative regions have a powerful effect upon other negative and positive poles in the surrounding vicinity.Also more complicated periodic solutions will also be sought which visit the vicinity of a number of coherent states.Just happened to be in the vicinity at the time.Moving away from the immediate vicinity of the harbor, there has been a fair bit of new building in recent years.Any gardens to visit there or in near vicinity?Local accommodation can be found, either on campus or in the close vicinity.In the same general vicinity would be the fish man.In the same general vicinity would be the fish man.Both sites are the oldest known prehistoric settlements in the direct vicinity of Aqaba.About political damage vicinity quot cooking surely helps which

What does violent boycott mean?

Putting up a fight or physical violence in order to prevent people from not attending a vicinity or event.

Vicinity map of south cembo makati city?

barangay captain richard raymund vicinity map

Which is hotter the air in the vicinity of a lightning stoke or the surface photosphere of the Sun?

Air in the vicinity of a lightning bolt.

How do you use vivinity in a sentence?

To be in the vicinity is to be in the surrounding area. An example sentence would be: Any time he is in the vicinity, he stops by.

What structure in gymnosperms and angiosperms delivers sperm to the vicinity of the egg?

Pollen tube deliver sperms to vicinity of egg .

What are all of the countries that surround denmark?

If you mean both by land and sea, the countries in near vicinity are Germany, Sweden, Norway and the UK.

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