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While students can be some of the most adventurous travelers, they are also some of the most frugal. Ask questions about traveling on the cheap here.

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If you get your learners permit at 19 do you have to wait 6 months to take the test to get a license?

Not neccessarily Brenna. If you are 19, have had your permit AKA restricted license for at least 30 callendar days, and are capable of operating a motor vehicle and can prove this to a DMV examiner (who will only actually ride with you from 6-11 maybe 15 minutes) you should have no problems moving up to a full license.

Remember that Graduated Licensing programs originally implimented by New Zealand in 1987 that now exist in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Poland, and at least 35 USA states are designed exclusively for MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. In other words they virtually never apply to adults unless it pertains to a suspension and as of today Nevada still does not impose a graduated licensing program, not even for minors.

*Nevada does have a graduated licensing program. You your permit (Provisional License), then your restricted License, then at the age of 18, your license is no longer restricted.*

Then again, what exactly the process is depends on your state and local DMV offices policies but that's genrerally how it works so e-mail me if you need the info that will apply to your situation and good luck!!

In California there are no time requirements after the age of 18.
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How important is it for a backpacking college student to travel in an even numbered group for ease of rooming purposes?

In Europe, the main thing is not to be alone. Most hotel bedrooms are designed for three people. Particular attention is drawn to the FORMULE 1, ETAP and PREMIERE CLASSE chains, which offer ridiculously cheap accommodation. Each room in these modular hotels has a double bed with a single bunk above it. Book or find information on ACCOR hotels or the Premiere Classe chain on the internet.

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What is the definition of SPP in Canada study?

Student Partners Program

The Student Partners Program (SPP) is an administrative framework designed and implemented in partnership between the Canadian visa offices in India and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). The SPP was launched in April 2009 as a pilot to improve student recruitment outcomes. Due to the improvement achieved during the pilot, the program is being extended and expanded in 2010. For the calendar year 2010 the list of participating ACCC members is the following:

  1. Algonquin College
  2. Bow Valley College
  3. Cambrian College of Applied Arts & Technology
  4. Camosun College
  5. Centennial College of Applied Arts & Technology
  6. College of New Caledonia
  7. College of the Rockies
  8. Columbia College
  9. Conestoga College
  10. Confederation College of Applied Arts & Technology
  11. Douglas College
  12. Durham College
  13. Fanshawe College of Applied Arts & Technology
  14. George Brown College
  15. Georgian College of Arts & Technology
  16. Grant MacEwan University
  17. Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
  18. Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  19. Lambton College of Applied Arts & Technology
  20. Loyalist College of Applied Arts & Technology
  21. Marine Institute of Memorial University
  22. Medicine Hat College
  23. Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology
  24. New Brunswick Community College
  25. Niagara College
  26. North Island College
  27. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  28. Northern College
  29. Northern Lights
  30. Okanagan College
  31. Red River College of Applied Arts, Science & Technology
  32. Selkirk College
  33. Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology
  34. Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
  35. St-Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology
  36. St. Lawrence College
  37. University of The Fraser Valley
  38. Vancouver Island University
  39. Vancouver Community College
  40. New Brunswick College of Craft and Design

Please note that there are many other ACCC colleges which also welcome students from India. Applications to these colleges will also receive prompt processing and a fair and individual decision based on the documentation provided.

The Student Partners Program is open to Indian nationals only. Students do not apply to the SPP; they apply to a participating college and may be considered under the program if they meet specific criteria. Application submission under the SPP is at the discretion of each participating college. Students interested in submitting applications under the program are encouraged to contact the participating college of their choice for information. The Student Partners Program involves close cooperative partnership and feedback from the participating colleges to ensure student compliance with the terms of their study permits. Essential to the program feedback mechanism is the student's consent for the institution to provide information on attendance. The student must sign the consent declaration on the SPP checklist in order to be processed under this program.

All Study Permit application checklists have been revised and improved as a result of the Student Partners Program framework to help students make simpler applications. All students are strongly encouraged to submit supporting documents as indicated in the checklists to facilitate the processing of their applications.

It is strongly recommended that all prospective applicants for study permits submit their application by 01 August for September entry and by 01 December for January entry. Students should further note that applications submitted after 20 August and 20 December for the respective entries will not normally be processed in time for the start of class and will likely be refused.

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How many maddie stamper's in the world?

3000,000 maddie stamper's in world.

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1000 kilometers equals how many miles?

Just over 621, 621.4 (1 decimal place) or, if you want the exact value, 621.371192.

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How far is michigan state university from St. Louis?

To St. Louis, Michigan: a little over 47 miles.

To St. Louis, Missouri: about 413 miles

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Do you need a passport to fly Canada to Canada destinations?

You do not need a passport to fly domestically within Canada. Other photo ID will be satisfactory, such as a driver's licence. Also satisfactory is 2 pieces of non-photo ID.

Travelling domestically within Canada with ID:

For adults 18 years of age or older or "appear" to be 18:

1 piece of government-issued ID with photo, or

2 pieces of government-issued ID without photo but with your name, date of birth, and gender

OR - Travelling domestically within Canada withoutID:

Note that:

At an airport in Canada, staff are required ask you for ID. While they must ask you, you are under no obligation to present it in order to travel. While they may hassle you about presenting ID, they may not bar you from your right to travel. Understand that if you are going to travel domestically within Canada without ID, you should educate yourself beforehand on how to do so - and recognize that it is lawfulto do so.

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What is the meaning of sumit?

Sumit is a Hindi word which means, "Good Friend." Sanskrit word which means, "The meaning of the Name: (from the sanskrit language) Su = righteous or good. Mit (comes from Mat/Mathi meaning) = mind or knowledge or Intellect. It is not the same as Sumeet which mean good friend Leader amongst men, self-sufficient, ambitious as stated above are correct. Very intelligent, and very passionate. Attraction toward dangerous activities, and extremes of both good and bad. These people usually know what they want and how to get it.." Marathi word which means, "Sumit means Well Measured." Hindi word which means, "good friend."

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This state has 120 counties?


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What is the fullform of src in HTML?

state reorganisation commission

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At 60mph how long would it take to drive 84 miles?

60 mph = 1 mile per minute

the is 1hour 24 minutes

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Is the People to People Ambassador Program a safe way for young adults to travel?

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What should be passing marks from 60 marks?

the passing for physics exam out of 60 is 21..........

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How do you get invited to people to people student ambassadors?

NOTE: Anyone can go that can afford it will go. They interview you, but turn nobody away. Teachers can accept students, but not deny them.

Students can be invited to the local information meeting through direct nominations by teachers, former student ambassadors or their parents. In areas where we do not receive direct nominations we enlist the help of student listing organizations which are the same organizations colleges and universities use to recruit students for their programs. Our goal is to allow as many qualified students the opportunity to participate in our programs. Students can also request an invitation on line.

Regardless of how students receive an invitation, all students must be selected through an interview process. If you choose to enroll after your information meeting, students must submit three letters of recommendation and be interviewed by local delegation leaders. We rely on this selection process to help us accept the best students and ensure that they are appropriate candidates for the program.

If nomination information is available, we can provide that information, please give us a call at 800-669-7882. We look forward to speaking with you!

New York
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Statue of Liberty

How big is the Statue of Liberty?

  • 450,000 pounds
  • It has a height of 305 feet (about 93 meters).
  • The statue, a gift to the United States from the people of France, is of a robed female figure representing libertas, the roman goddess of freedom, who bears a torch and a tabula ansata (a tablet evoking the law) upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence.
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Where is the best vacation spot for spring break for 3 college girls?

Coeur d Alene Idaho. LOL Its snowing as of right now. HA HAThe correct answer to this question would be panama city beach florida, that is where i went last year and am going again this year, it is home to the largest club in the nation and is probably the sweetest place ever as far as spring break goes in every aspect :)

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How many miles equals 4.8 kilometers?

4.8 kilometers are 2.98258 miles.

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Are hookah's allowed in baggage?

yes, but not the tobacco

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What country is thirty degrees south latitude and 135 degrees east longitude?

It is the southern part of Australia.

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What are some US city names that have 9 letters?


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How much does the Europe trip for the people to people student ambassador program cost?

People to People Ambassador Program's all inclusive program tuition cost will depend on the program selected by the student and their family. Each program we offer is a very unique, educational and cultural experience. Therefore, the tuition for each program varies depending on the program's location, length, and itinerary.

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Latitude and Longitude

What country is located at 135 degrees east longitude?

-- Russia

-- Japan

-- Palau

-- Indonesia

-- Australia

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Spring Break

When is spring break for Baltimore city schools in 2011?

Baltimore City Public Schools are closed for spring break from April 18-April 25, 2011.

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What was the outcome of the Hill Lawsuit against the People to People Student Ambassador Program?

As part of the settlement of my family's lawsuit against Ambassadors Group, docleaf, et al., I have been asked to request that your company remove statements from your website that may characterize, impugn, threaten, defame or disparage the defendants. The following correctly states the current state of the matter between the parties and may be used in place of any removed comments:

Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Tyler R. Hill Against Ambassadors Group, docleaf, et al., Officially Settled

MOUND, Minn., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Allen and Sheryl Hill of Mound, Minn., today announced the official settlement of their civil action for wrongful death of their 16-year-old son, Tyler Hill; invasion of privacy; and fraud against Ambassadors Group Inc., People to People International, docleaf Ltd., Sue Stahr, Pat Veum-Smith, Angela Hanson, Josh Aberle et al. The Hills signed the release on July 30. The terms of the settlement are confidential. Tyler died on a People to People Student Ambassador Trip to Japan on June 29, 2007. Since Tyler's death, the Hill's have been on a passionate mission to protect other traveling youth and have sought accountability, justice, restitution and reform.

REFORM: Traveling Youth's Standards of Safety Legislation

The Hill's mission for the safety of kids participating in travel programs is far from over. They seek reform through a bi-partisan federal law and the Traveling Youth's Standards of Safety (TY's SOS legislation), and have engaged Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Congressman Erik Paulsen (R-MN). The pursued legislation is to ensure safety measures, sanctions and penalties are in place to protect traveling youth. No safety standards, sanctions or penalties exist to protect children's health and safety rights while entrusted to third parties, especially during travel programs. Children have been denied health care, died, hurt, abandoned, raped and suffered severe illnesses, while traveling with some student travel programs. There is currently no oversight committee watch dogging the student travel industry.

Danielle Grijalva, director for the Committee for Safety of Foreign Exchange Students, applauds the Hill's advocacy for safety and sanctions during travel abroad programs. She said, "I receive numerous complaints about other travel agencies from children and their parents about supervisors being intoxicated, molestations, children being denied health care when they are sick, unsanitary living quarters and 'unaccounted for' children. Parents need to inform themselves of the safety record of agencies and supervisors they are entrusting their kids to." Grijalva recommends parents contact foreign police authorities to report abuse and then contact local, state and federal agencies to report child endangerment. Until laws are passed to impose sanctions and potential imprisonment, Grijalva believes that egregious stories like Tyler's will remain all too common.

About Tyler Hill

Tyler Hill was born on June 6, 1991, on the anniversary of D-Day, in Edina, Minn. A natural athlete and honor roll student, Tyler was a first year MVP for rugby, a tight end in football, a winger in hockey and an advanced scuba diver. He was a junior officer of the Mound Westonka High School DECA club, and he discovered and reported a bomb threat to school authorities and was recognized for his actions. Ty will be remembered for his big smile and tender heart. He passed away on June 29, 2007, while on a People to People Student Ambassadors trip to Tokyo, Japan, apparently from severe dehydration. For more of Tyler's story, visit Details About Tyler Hill's Death During a People to People Student Ambassador Trip and the T Hill Bill for Safety Standards. go to for more info

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Which continents do not have any of the top ten most populous countries in the world?

Antarctica and Australia


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