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Domestic or overseas travel in search of specific locales is called specialty travel. Spiritual vacations, adventure trips, ecotourism and sporting tours are examples of such travel. Some of these trips may last for days or even weeks.

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Specialty Travel
Mountain Biking

Where are the best places to go mountain biking in Malaysia?

F.R.I.M (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) has a couple of intermediate tracks.

Bukit Kiara has a various array of track for all capabilities.

T.T.D.I has many track from downhill to XC, for all capabilities too

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What are the advantages for tourism?

Tourism is a big advantage for the government, as when people come they pay for accommodation, souvenirs, food and other things. All this helps the economy which makes the dollar worth more.

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Santiago (Chile)

How long does it take to fly to Santiago Chile?

!3-14 hours... that is if you your stopping at toronto first... u wienie.

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United States of America
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United States

Does the city of Eureka really exist?

Yes it does. It is a city in California.

Road Distance
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What is the distance between karad to parbhani?

265 miles

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What are some more famous landmarks in Zimbabwe?

this probably is not much help but i have been researching the same thing for school. All i have found is Victoria falls, if i find more i will post them.

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How long does it take to get from California to London UK?

== == From LAX (Los Angeles, CA) to LHR (Heathrow, UK): 10hours 10 minutes From LHR (Heathrow, UK) to LAX (Los Angeles, CA): 11hours From SFO (San Francisco, CA) to LHR (Heathrow, UK): 10hours From LHR (Heathrow, UK) to SFO (San Francisco, CA): 10hours 50 minutes

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How long is a flight from London England to India?

The flight times varies according to the speed of the flight. If the flight is flying at a faster speed then the times may change. We are providing you with standard flight timings. The flight time for the above mentioned trip is.8 hours 40 mins

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Tourist attractions in the Midwest region?

Tourist attractions in the midwest region include

The St Louis Arch

The city of Chicago

The Churchill museum and Iron Curtain memorial at Westminster College at Fulton Missouri. Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev also spoke there.

South Africa
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Can you buy Bose headphones in south Africa?

Yes. Tyger valley in Cape Town.

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Smoking and Tobacco Use
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Where can I buy American chewing tobacco in London?

no where except on an American military base

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Can you tell me some important cities in Japan?

Tokyo Osaka Yokohama Nagoya Kobe Hakata Saporo

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What are 2 interesting places to visit in Nunavut?

coppermine heritage river and Nunavut's paramount building

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What time is it now in central time?


New Jersey
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How many hours is a flight from Canada to New Jersey?

It depends where you are in Canada. If you are in really southern Canada, almost touching the US, the flight should only take about 3-4 hours. If you are in really northern Canada, the flight should take several days.

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This state has 120 counties?


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New York City
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Which city has the longest subway system in the world?

NYC i believe

AnswerNew York City is the correct answer only if by "longest" the questioner means the longest by miles of track. The Metropolitan Transit Authority reports that the system currently has "approximately 660 miles" of track in "revenue service" - in other words, serving passengers. (Another 180 miles of track is in "non-revenue service," such as in subway yards.) By that measure the system dwarfs all others in the world. However, it's also deceptive. New York's subway is the world's only system that offers extensive express service, meaning that almost every line consists of four tracks rather than two.

A more intuitive measure of "longest" subway is miles of route, which gives a much better idea of how much territory a system covers. By that measure, Shanghai is the current winner, at 260 miles. London comes in second at 258 miles, followed by New York (228) Tokyo (181), Seoul (178), and Madrid (176).

For more, please see urbanrail.net, the most authoritative on-line source for subways (I'm not affiliated with the site - just a user).

Since April 10 2010, Shanghai has become the holder of this record with 420 km of route, carrying more than 5 million passengers per day.

New Jersey
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How many miles OS ot from New Jersey to California?

By road it is about 2,925 miles, driving time about 42 1/2 hours.

Mobile Phones
Air Travel
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What does the airplane mode do on a phone?

It turns off everything except for the music and multimedia things on the phone.

This way, the cell phone won't interfere with the airplane's transmitting devices.

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What city has the world's fastest subway system?

The Shanghai Maglev Train or Shanghai Transrapid is a magnetic levitation train (maglev) line near Shanghai, China. During a test run on November 12, 2003, a Maglev vehicle achieved a Chinese record speed of 501 km/h (311 mph).

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What is the tourist attractions of Louisiana?

New Orleans is a huge tourist attraction in Louisiana. It has the Frnech Quarter and Bourbon Street plus all the Jazz music. A very fun place to visit for all ages.

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What is Mesopotamia's most famous landmarks?

The Ziggurats and Hammurabi's code

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What time is 9am Pacific Standard time in central time?

Pacific Time : 9am

Mountain Time 10am

Central Time: 11am

Atlantic Time: 12 pm

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How long does it take to drive 0.2 miles?

22 minutes


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