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"Vodka" in Polish is "wódka". It is a liquor with an alcohol content of about 40%.

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Q: What does vodka mean in polish?
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What is Polish vodka?

It's most popular Polish alcoholic drink.

Which nationality is vodka?

The nationality of Vodka is Polish, because it was invented in 1405, in Poland.

What are the lyrics in both English and Polish to the Polish kissing song Gorzka Wodka or Bitter Vodka that is sung at Polish weddings to make the newlyweds kiss?

My cousin maried a pooish girl this summer and they had the great idea of the song.That's the text they gave us, it's only the chorus. (I don't speek polish, they gave us a translation in french and I translate it in english)In polish:Gorzka wódka, gorzka wódkatrzeba ją osłodzićMłody Młodą pocałuje,nie będzie im szkodzić.In english:Bitter vodka, bitter vodka,To make it sweetened, the groom has to kiss the bride.

Why does your face swell after drinking wheat vodka and and not potato vodka?

This could mean that you're allergic to something inside the wheat vodka.

Would cherry vodka opened for 5 months smell like nail polish remover?

yes drink up

Is Spirytus Polish Vodka available for sale in California?

yes markets like all valley produce and jon's market carry it

What does mad mean in polish?

"Mad" in Polish is "szalony".

What is the plural form of polish?

If you mean Polish people - it's Poles. If you mean the cleaning spray or liquid, then it's simply polish.

What does the name Katie mean in Polish?

Do you mean what is the Polish equivilent for the name 'Katie'? Katarzyna

What does Da mean in polish?

Da is not Polish. It is Russian for yes. The Polish equivalent is Tak.

What does your name mean in Polish?

Names do not have meanings in Polish

What does bardos mean in polish?

Nothing - it's not a Polish word.