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WAR: by M.REYNOLDSA Human act of combat against an opposing side that results in the deaths of many and control of money, power, and government.

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Q: What does war mean?
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What does forged in the crucible of war mean?

forged in the crucible of war mean

What does war really mean?

war means

What does just war mean?

it means war.

What does war fever mean?

like to fight in war / like to be in war

What does draft mean in war?

forced into being in the war.

What does it mean to call for war?

to declare or to want war.

What is revisionary war?

You probably mean the Revolutionary War

What does neutral mean in world war 2?

Not at war

What does it mean to wage war?

It means to start a war

What does Korean War mean?

The war of the Korean lol

How did the Mexican war affect the Civil War?

if you mean the Texas - Mexico war, it didnt effect it at all. If you mean the war where the Mexicans were rebelling against the government, then it still didnt because it was after the Civil War.

What does the Civil War was a brutal war mean?

This means that the civil war was brutal .....

What does Ares the god of war?

Do you mean wear? Or war because he was the god of war.

When was Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace created?

Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace was created in 2001-07.

Was world war 1 fought before the Civil War?

If by Civil War you mean the War between the States in the US, then no. If you mean some other civil war, then maybe, you'll need to be more specific.

What Civil War was fought in Pennsylvania?

if you mean what civil war, it was the united states' civil war itn the late 1800s, but if you mean what battle, then it was Gettysburg

What did Hitler do after the war?

Hitler died after World War II. If this is what you mean? Or you mean after World War I, Hitler marched on a city. He was then imprisoned and wrote his book.

When was the confederate war?

If you mean the American Civil War, that war lasted from about 1861-1865.

When did Great Britain declare war?

it depends on what war you mean?

When did the Karen war take place?

Do you mean the Korean War?

Does war mean Hawk?

somthing thas has to do with war in the 1980s

What are the timlines from 911 in the war of Africa?

What do you mean by 'war of Africa'?

What does it mean that the Vietnam war was a television war?

sriracha sauve

What the date of the Civil War?

It depends which civil war you mean.

What does POW mean World War 2?

Prisoner Of War