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What does wearing a black bandana mean?



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it means that ur 74...slo6s ain't Got nun 2 do wit dat

all depends were u from

in dallas bandanas mean

crips= blue and orange

north siders=black and white or white and black and sometimes red

how high krew= green




black=war (a gang BTW)

it matters on location

.black mean fo7k or some crip.if "war"fo7k nation then yes thas fo7k blu hasta doo wit rank,idk if its any thang like dat in crip.and white is some fo7k.neva herd of 5 or any otha allies of blood reppin it.the only ones that stress cola are fo7k.u cant wear red unless u folla strict rules or past high ranks.blood can wear blue and vic versa.but basicly if u dont kno why u even worried bowt it.and it hass none too do with skin color.whites hispanics blacks asians are excapted into all now besides neo nazi groups.