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What does x and o stand for?


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X's and O's are usually found in letters or messages, they stand for Hugs and Kisses.


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Needed components: 6 sticks and 1 stone slab Recipe: (X = Empty space) (I = Stick) (O = Slab) I I I X I X I O I

o is a hug and x is a kiss ex: sign a letter or card with xoxoxo for kisses & Hugs

X stands for kisses because it is supposedly the shape of a persons lips when they kiss. Also, in early times people who did not know how to write signed their name with an X and kissed it to show their sincerity. An O stands for hugs because the shape of arms around a person is roughly the shape of an O, and also because Jewish immigrants who did not wish to discriminate against God by using the turned shape of cross signed with an O instead of an X.

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kisses o stands for hugs can you do my question what is a better word than convert

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X X O X O R1 R1 R2 R2 R3 R3 X O triangle X X O X O R1 R1 R2 R2 R3 R3 X O triangle

x is a kiss o is a hug so xo would be kiss hug

the o stands for Object

What does R & O stand for?

i will give you the tabs that repeat themselves basically through the whole song ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----x x-----------------x x x------------x x x-------------x x x----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------0-------------------o---------------o-----------------o----------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

O is the chemical symbol for oxygen.

Given that x is cross and o is head the possible outcomes would be: x-x-x o-x-x x-o-x x-x-o o-o-x o-x-o x-o-o o-o-o Thence there are 8 possible outcomes. Assumptions: 1) Each coin ends up head or tail (never on its side) 2) The coins are distinctinguishable (maybe a penny dime and quarter). If three identical perfectly balanced pennies are tossed at the same time there are 4 outcomes (all heads or all tails 1/8 of the time each and just one or just 2 heads 3/8 of the time each)

X is hugs because your arms cross to make an X, and O is kisses cause your lips make an O. (:

no, o is a hug and x is a kiss

Sarbanes-Oxley, the name of two Congressmen who wrote a law requiring certain accounting accuracy and accountability.

Basically in a form like this; |X|X|X| |-|O|-| |-|O|-| The 'X' representing the 'Iron Ingots' The 'O' representing the 'Sticks'

Pn x is the penicillin derivative containing halogen carbonyl group hence 'x' may stand for the halogen

Yes, x stand for multiplication sign like 6x7= 42 that is when x stands for a multiplication sign, x can also stand for a variable. A variable is a letter or number that represents a changing quantity.

It doesn't stand for anything. X is added to make the name sound better. Megaman X, Sonic X, etcetera. It could stand for Extreme or something but that's looking a bit too much into it.

press x, o, x, o, R1, L1, x

In Roman numerals, x stands for 10. Other times, x is a variable that can stand for any number.

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