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You are sweet to me, and for you I hurt. (Not an exact translation but very close)

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Q: What does y tu eres ma dulce que yo.por ti you dule los dientes mean?
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How do i say you are sweet in spanish?

eres dulce

How do you say you're so sweet love in spanish?

Usted es un niño dulce/tierno. (formal 'you') Tú eres un niño dulce/tierno. (informal 'you')

What does tambien eres muy dulce mean?

You are sweet too

What does Tu eres mu Dulce mean in English?

You are my sweet.

How do you say how sweet are you in Spanish?

¡Qué dulce es / eres!¡Qué dulces son / sois!Más poético:¡Cuán dulce es / eres!¡Cuán dulces son / sois!

How do you say'' your so sweet ''in spanish?

eres tan dulce

How do you spell thanks daddy your so sweet in spanish?

Gracias Papá, tú eres muy dulce.

How do you saw you so mean in spanish?

Eres la persona más dulce que jamás he conocido

What does eres muy elegante mean?

"Tú eres dulce pa' dicerme esto" means "You are sweet for telling me this" however it is misspelled and uses improper phrasing. "Tu eres dulce por decirme esto" is a better, though still awkward way to say this sentence. Pa' is a contraction of the Spanish word "para" which in this context means "for". However the Spanish word "por" (by) can also translate to English as "for" and in this case would be the preferred word.

How do you say you are sweet and beautiful in every way in spanish?

Eres dulce y hermosa en todas las maneras.

Tu eres muy especial para mi?

¡TÚ ERES BIEN DULCE! ERES MUY ESPECIAL PARA MÍ Y LO SIGNIFICAS TODO PARA MÍ (standard Spanish) --- You are very sweet! You're very special for me and mean eveything to me

What is 'You're so sweet baby' when translated from English to Spanish?

"You're so sweet, baby!" in English means ¡Eres tan dulce, bebé! in Spanish.