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If you got married in the U.S you can petition for your husband citenship. You will need most of your information Social security card, I'D card, Address of your work place and residence last 5 years. Your last 3 years tax returns and proof of citizenship. Your husband needs his birth certificate a picture I'D or the visa he used to get in. Oh yeah and your marriage certificate. Its best to talk to a lawyer to make sure you have everything needed before you submit any forms to Immigration

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Q: What does your husband need to do to become a citizen?
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Do you become an American citizen if your husband is an American citizen?


Am french citizen and your husband Palestinian how he can get french passport?

Become a French citizen. Passports are issued by the country you're a citizen of.

Can a you s citizen get married to a Syrian man?

Yes, however if you are a U.S citizen then your husband will become a U.S. citizen when your legally married.

If you are a resident of Canada and you marry a Mexican citizen to you become a Mexican citizen?

No. You need to begin the process of naturalization to become a Mexican citizen.

Do you need to serve in the armed forces before you can become a citizen?

No, you do not have to be in the armed forces to become a citizen of that area.

How long does it take for you to become a citizen after marrying a US citizen?

Just because you marry a legal citizen, it does not make you a leagal citizen. When I married my husband who was a legal alien he still had to go through the same channels to become a legal US citizen and he had to be sworn in.

Can a US citizen apply for citizenship of India if her husband is a US citizen and he does not want to become an Indian citizen?

She can, but she will have to give up her US citizenship, not a good idea.

When you become a lawyer do you need to be a citizen?


British citizen marriage to a ghanaian what can you do for your husband to join you in UK?

i need to know what do

Do you need to be a citizen to join the US Army?

No - but the Army will afford them an opportunity to become a citizen

My husband was born and lives in Jamaica as I'm british can i go and live with him in Jamaica?

Of course!But you need a passport to get their and you could if u want to become a citizen but u don't have to.

Do you need to be a US citizen to become president?

yes you do

What do you need to do to become a citizen of England?

Ther is no such thing as a "A Citizen of England", however you can apply to become a Citizen of the United Kingdom by asking at any British embasy or consulate.

You and your husband become Canadian before 4 years if you will have anew baby born out side Canada will he become canadin citizen?

it would be a citizen of both Canada and the u.s. and he can choose which when he turns 18.

Do you need to be a American citizen to become a cop?

Yes to be a cop in the U.S.A you must be a American citizen.

How long does someone need to be a citizen to be the president?

Only a natural born citizen can become President.

Can a immigrant become a citizen?

Yes I believe so. But in some countries you need papers to be a citizen.

Can your daughter become a us citizen if she has her father last name you are a green card holder and your husband is illegal?

Depends on where she was born. If she was born in the United States she is all ready a citizen. If she was born outside the country she would have to apply for citizenship. Since your are not a citizen and your husband is illegal she is not a citizen unless born here.

If you are a NewZealand citizen living in Australia and you need a new passport do you have to become an Australian citizen?

No not unless you become an Australian citizen. You aply to the New Zealand authoritys for your new passport.

Can a US citizen live in Brazil?

Yes, but you'll need a visa and a passport. To become a citizen, you'll need to talk to the government about that.

Can I become an American citizen if I am British?

Yes, you can become an American citizen if you are British. You would need to apply for citizenship, which can take a few years.

Do you need to be a US Citizen to become a cop?

Absolutely Yes!

How can a Canadian citizen become a US citizen?

can a Canadian citizen become us citizen

How can someone become a citizen in a country?

It varies from country to country. To become a citizen of the USA, you'd need to apply for naturalization and citizenship through parents.

Can you file for immigration papers if a husband has died and is citizen?

You need to consult an immigration lawyer but normally when the husband died in this case the process is terminated.