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What does zinc look like?

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zinc is a metal and it looks shiny

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What does zinc look like when it is burnt?

i thing the zinc would look greyish-black due to the formation of zinc oxide

What Does The Element zinc Look Like?

Zinc has a grayish-silver color.

What does a zinc atom look like?

It has 30electrons but u can not draw on here

What does the Lewis Dot Structure for Zinc Pyrithione look like?

. Zn .

What does brass look like?

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper which makes it look like a little bit like gold with a faintish yellow color.

What does Zinc Sulphate and Lithium look like after the reaction of them together?

no it does not because it is to heavy

What is a physical description of zinc?

it looks like zinc!

What does zinc phosphate look like?

phos phates are the color yellow and brown and green and they pollute lakes

What is the texture of zinc?

zinc has a texture like gold in it's raw form zinc has a texture like gold in it's raw form

What zinc is like at boiling point?

Zinc vapours (as a gas)

What does zinc oxide smell like?

Zinc oxide is odorless.

How does the Lewis dot structure of zinc look like?

Zinc is #30. It has an electron configuration of [Ar] 4s2, 3d10. The 4s2 electrons are the bonding electrons. The dot structrue 2 dots. Zn:

What are the harmful effects of zinc in a human body?

Zinc can have negative effects like zinc toxicity, but it can also have positive effects, like assisting in wound care.

What does the Lewis Dot Structure of Zinc look like?

Answer*Zn *for more info:

How do you build up sperm?

I was recently looking into the same question and I found out that ZINC is a crucial ingredient in sperm. Look for foods high in zinc, like oysters. I am about to try this for 1 month and report back.

What is a compound that zinc makes covalent bonds?

Zinc generally makes covalent bonds with non-metals. Organometallic zinc compounds like dimethyl zinc or diethyl zinc are covalent.

Can zinc be taken indefinitely?

zinc, like any other mineral, cannot be ingested in vast quantities. too much zinc can lead to zinc toxicity.

Why is zinc mined?

Zinc is mined for human uses like sunscreen and more.

What does zinc look like in its natural state?

Zinc does not occur naturally as a metal. Its ores, which do occur naturally, have a variety of different appearances. The most common ore is zinc sulfide, which is a black or brown colored rock in its natural form that glows in the dark on exposure to UV light.

Is zinc a nonconductor?

No. Zinc, like all metals, is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

Is zinc soluable?

No. Zinc is not soluble. It is a metal like gold is not soluble in water. There are some compounds of zinc like ZnCl that are soluble. I just learned this last unit in Chem class.

Can you find zinc powder at Walmart?

Several products at Wal-Mart include zinc powder as an ingredient. Read the labels in the medicated powders section for which ones contain zinc. Raw zinc powder can be found on-line in bulk, look for Zinc Oxide Powder.

What is made out of zinc?

batteries are made out of zinc just like the tool doctors use to hear your heart zinc is in cereal and other foods

What does zinc smell like?


What does zinc look like in a Bohr model?

nucleus in the middle, 1st energy level has 2, 2nd and 3rd have 8, and 4th has 16