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Not sure what breed the dog was, but she had a litter of 24 puppies.

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The most puppies born to a dog?

the most puppies that 1 dog can have is 200

What dog had the most puppies and how many?

Not sure what breed the dog was, but she had 24 puppies.

What were the most puppies born to one dog?

The most puppies born to one dog was 24. The dog's name was Tia and she was a mastiff. Out of the 24 puppies, 20 survived.

How many puppies can a lab dog have?

It can have 10-15 puppies at the most.

What kind of dog has the most puppies?

You will never know how many puppies a dog can have they can have a lot or a little bit

How many puppies can an Australian cattle dog have?

Most Australian Cattle Dog litters have between one and seven puppies in each litter, with the average being 5 puppies.

How many puppies can one dog get?

Most of the time, a dog will have around 1-6 puppies. But sometimes, dogs can have more than that. One mix breed female had 11 puppies.

Can a dog lactate if another dog has puppies?

probably not. only if that dog has puppies.

When you adopt a dog from a shelter can it have puppies?

it best not to have puppies with a dog from a dog shelter

How long after my dog has her puppies can i get her fixed?

A dog can be fixed after her puppies are weaned from her.

How many babies does a dog have at one time?

Most dog litters are about 4 to 8 puppies

How is the record for how many puppies one dog has?

The world record for the most puppies to be born into one litter was 24.

When do give your puppy dog food?

Puppies start getting dog food as soon as they are weaned from the mother. Puppies will start with dog food specifically formulated for puppies and then at a year old would then graduate to dog food. Most dog foods specify age for each brand of food.

What does it mean when a dog sits on her puppies?

it's Love. the dog protects her puppies.

How many puppies can a big dog have?

Well, a big dog can have up to ten puppies!

What do you do if your dog has two puppies that have died?

my dog had 6 puppies and 3 died what we did was we burred them

When do puppies come out of the mother dog?

Most come out at night dusk to dawn

Why don't puppies talk?

they are puppies, dog gone it!

What are the most puppies can a dog have?

at once i think its eight8 Answer: They can have many at a time, do you recall the story about the dog giving birth to 20 or so puppies, but the average litter would be from 5 to 12 at a maximum. And it can vary on type of dog.

Why do dogs have many puppies?

well if the dog is bigger it won't have as many puppies but if the dog is a really small dog they still probally wouldn't have that many puppies so the dog cant be to big or to small

Can a dog produce milk to feed another dogs puppies?

as long that that dog had puppies too

How many puppies can a weiner dog have?

A Weiner dog can have 2-4 puppies while in heat.

Can I bathe my dog before she has her puppies?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to bathe your dog before she has puppies.

How many puppies can a female dog have?

I had a bull dog that had 12 puppies. It was hard on her and we had to feed some of them by hand with formula from the vet. Usually a female dog whelps 4 puppies.

Why did your dog have puppies?

The neighbor's dog had sex with it.

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