What dog is older the Dingo or the Thai Dingo?


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The dingo is regarded as Australia's wild dog. However, this does not mean that any wild dog is a dingo. The true dingo is a completely different species of dog.

A dingo is an Australian wild dog.

yes. A dingo is a wild dog.

The wild dog species that lives in Australia is called the dingo.dingoThat would be a Dingo.

A dingo is a type of wild dog.

The dingo is a dog native to Australia.

A dingo is a type of dog so, dogs are vertebrates , a dingo is a vertebrate.

The biggest difference is that a dingo is wild and a dog isn't.

Well wild dog is a synonym for dingo, so dingo.

No, a noun. A dingo is a wild dog in Australia

The Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) is dog-like, and found mainly in Australia.

A dingo dog is an indigenous breed of dog from Australia. It is a wild dog and can also be known as the prairie dog. It is most commonly found in the bush.

dingoDingo. It is a wild dog that lives in Austraillia.

the Australian dingo is the only native dog to Australia.

That is the correct spelling of "dingo" (Australian wild dog).

Yes, a dingo is a variety of dog, a mammal.

A dingo is a wild dog of Australia.

A dingo is a dog. Dogs are warm blooded.

No, a dingo is a little bigger than your average dog.

A dingo is a type of dog, and all dogs are carnivores.

African Wild Dog Definantly Wins. The African Wild Dog Is The Tallest Dog And Is Taller Than The Grey Wolf And Is Also More Fericous Than The Wimpy Dingo. The African Wild Dog Is The Best Animal. The Dingo Is The Worst. Dingoes Are Wimpy, Unintelligent, Slow And Can't Kill A Wallaby. If You Like The Dingo, And You See This, I Would Not Care At All. The Dingo Is Wimpy. They Are Losers.

Dingo is the common name for an Australian free roaming wild dog

Dingoes are from Australia.

No it is an Australian dog

A house dog could, and a wild dog, such as a dingo, could.

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